5 Modified Ford Endeavour SUVs

Snapshot – The Ford Endeavour is the quintessential idea of an American SUV. Big, butch and long enough to command attention wherever it goes, this SUV can really be given a new dimension if the aftermarket modifications route is taken. A Ford Endeavour with a body/suspension lift is pure menace on the streets, and we’ve just rounded up five such brute-looking Endeavour SUVs. Do take a look.

MKraft’s Ford Endeavour Custom

5 Modified Ford Endeavour SUVs

MKraft Design, a custom car outfit from Mumbai, has given the Endeavour a bunch of modifications to make the SUV a lot more muscular. The Endeavour isn’t the tallest of SUVs around. Ergo, a body and suspension lift with meaty 35 inch tyres. These changes give the Endeavour plenty of height, enough to make it really tower over other cars. An ARB bumper up front, a snorkel and large auxillary lamps further add to the effect. However, a 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine and a rear wheel driven layout means that the Endeavour is more about looks than off road cred. This should suit those who want a city slicking SUV that grabs attention though.

Ford Endeavour Limousine Custom

5 Modified Ford Endeavour SUVs

The Ford Endeavour is one long SUV and looks a bit stretched even in stock form. Making it a limousine seems like a logical choice. One such Endeavour has been stretched to proper limousine dimensions. Massive street cred is a given. The only funny bit is the Endeavour limousine is from Kerala, a part of the country where the tarmac is mostly twisty than straight. Ponderous handling guaranteed. This should be the tagline of the Endeavour based limousine, which is a big eye grabber.

[Image courtesy Team-BHP]

Ford Endeavour Custom 4X2

5 Modified Ford Endeavour SUVs

The Ford Endeavour in the picture above is perhaps the most striking looking of its ilk. A red paint job, lifted body and suspension, chunky mud terrain tyres running on ravishing looking alloy wheels, topped off with a slew of off road lights on the roof make the Endeavour look mean and menacing. However, dig below the surface and you’ll come up with a 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine, which was frankly never a powerful option for this big, butch SUV. A 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine also means that this modified Endeavour is rear wheel driven. Ford does offer this SUV with a more powerful 3 liter turbo diesel motor and a 4 wheel drive option, two items that this Endeavour desperately needs.


[Images courtesy Team-BHP]

TDI Racing’s Ford Endeavour Custom

5 Modified Ford Endeavour SUVs

TDI Racing of Bangalore are known for their remaps. When a Ford Endeavour landed at TDI racing, it got a remap and then, some more. 220 Bhp is what TDI Racing have squeezed from the 3 liter TDCI turbo diesel mill, which is nearly 65 horses more than the 156 Bhp output of the stock motor. The Endeavour also gets a Calmini lift kit and 33 inch mud terrain tyres. Steel wheels mean that this Endeavour can take a bit of bashing while off roading. The 4X4 system ensures that this Endeavour has the go to match the show.

[Images courtesy QuarterMile]

Vishnu Rajam’s Custom Ford Endeavour

5 Modified Ford Endeavour SUVs

Here’s another Endeavour that is actually modified to perform off the road rather than just look the part. Vishnu Rajam has put in quite a bit of effort to get this 3 liter diesel engined beast to become a powerhouse off the road. The modifications include custom front and rear bumpers, bash plates to protect the engine, a Torsen limited slip differential, 33 inch tyres with steel wheels, heavy duty suspension, a snorkel for water wading, a lift kit for additional ground clearance and custom winch plates. The Endeavour runs the 3 liter turbo diesel motor with 156 Bhp-380 Nm on tap, mated to a 4 wheel drive system.

[Images courtesy VishnuRajam on Facebook]