5 MODIFIED Hindustan Contessa sedans of India

The Hindustan Contessa was one of the most desirable cars in its time. The muscle car inspired looks gave it many fans. There are still many Contessas that can be seen on the Indian roads. While a few of them have been modified tastefully, others take a wilder route. Here are five such modified Contessa cars from India.

Mean Green

This is beautifully modified Contessa that wears a striking green colour. The vehicle retains the original shape and a few parts like the grille and the headlamps. The bumpers have been upgraded with new ones. The car even gets black alloy wheels that add to the overall looks of the Contessa.

The rear remains rather clean without any badging or moniker. The tail lamps have been upgraded though. The Contessa can be seen with a red vintage Mustang and it sure has the muscle car DNA that keeps it highlighted in the video. The owner has spent Rs. 6 lakh on the restoration and upgrade work.


Here is another Contessa that has been resto-modified beautifully. The car gets an electric blue colour and many modified parts. The grille has been upgraded to a new one that is inspired by vintage BMW kidney grille. It retains the conical steel bumper from the original model though.

The car has been heavily modified and gets only two-doors instead of original four. The window line has been modified extensively too. On the side, the exhaust has been placed. The interiors have been updated with new custom buttons and custom AC buttons too.


This car from Chandigarh looks quite attractive. The front grille of the vehicle has been modified and it gets a new grille that also encloses the headlamps. The bumper gets integrated fog lamps. At the rear, the modified Contessa gets individual round lamps for brake, stop light and reverse.

It also gets 17-inch alloy wheels that add to the muscular look of the vehicle. On the inside, the seats have been redone and it gets a working air conditioner, power windows and power steering that makes it driving much easier and comfortable.

Black Hawk

Jump to 7 minutes 30 seconds in the video to watch the finished product. Now here is a good looking Contessa that has been restored and modified beautifully. The all-black Contessa gets a new horizontally split grille that looks great. The steel bumper is now body painted but parts like ORVMs have been chrome dipped to add a classic look.

It also gets deep dish blacked-out alloy wheels shrouded in fat rubber. At the rear, the original tail lamps have been restored. The interiors also get the all-new leather trim on the doors and the seats have been upgraded too.

Grey Hound

This is one of most radically modified Contessa in India. The car is done by a garage called Modster and it looks fabulous. This one here has been named as the ‘Grey Hound’ and has been finished in a matte grey. It has fabricated wheel arches, in metal, a new front grille, new LED headlamps and tail lamp, ducktail tail spoiler and custom leather upholstery on the inside. This one certainly looks menacing.

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