5 ‘modified’ Hyundai Creta SUVs of India

The Creta has created a storm in the market, managing to become the segment leader almost immediately. While it is an elegant and sophisticated car, some owners have opted to add a touch of spice to their vehicles. Here are 5 such Cretas:

Wide body


Well one owner did decide to go wide body on the Creta. The mod job took a long time, however the end result is impressive. The car now has a new bumper with added muscle and a new splitter. There are additional auxiliary lamps on the bumper. At the back, there is a new diffuser and the car now has quad exhausts, instead of the single one the normal car has.


The car has side skirts and flared wheel arches as well. The rims are now aftermarket ones and have been upsized from the stock 16″ ones. The interiors and the in car entertainment has also been spruced up.


creta 2

DC has come up with their take on the Creta as well. This is a little loud and out of the box. It has a large honeycomb grill upfront that has been finished in red. The bumper has been changed, and it now has added muscle to it. The air vent surrounds have also been finished in red and so has the front number plate housing strip. The bonnet now houses a DC logo.

creta 3

On the sides, the car now has a new skirt which has also been finished in red. The wheel arch cladding has been finished in black as opposed to the plastic cladding the normal Creta gets. DC is yet to reveal what the rear will look like, however from the side profile, it can be said that the rear will look very different to what the normal vehicle does. On the inside, the car now gets leather seats and wood trims.


creta 1

This Creta you see here has been very well done and is pretty understated. For starters, the most noticeable thing is the addition of the roof box, which adds to the practicality of the vehicle. The car now has 6-spoke concave rims with white tyre lettering. At the back, the car now has new LED tail lamps which have been blacked out. At the front, the chrome elements have been blacked out and there is now a new tow hook at the front as well.

creta 2


Hyundai Creta Modified front three quarter

KitUp has come up with a modified Creta as well. The first thing that is noticeable is the fact that the plastic cladding is now body coloured. The whole vehicle has a single tone paint theme now. The car now sits on 18″ Momo rims which look really good. At the back, the tail lamp cluster has been blacked out, there is a new rear spoiler as well and an updated rear bumper colour theme. On the inside, the car gets leather upholstery now and piano black finish on trim panels.

Hyundai Creta Modified rear three quarter


creta 1

This one featured here has recently been polished and looks nice and shiny. Other than the glossy paint finish, the car features a new bumper with powerful LEDs that replace the foglamp cluster. There is a new bull guard which has been added as well which doesn’t look very bulky. It looks like a part of the bumper which is very nice. The vehicle also features aftermarket rims which have been painted black with red outer surface. The owner has added in a side step as well to the car.

creta 3

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