5 modified Mahindra Mojo motorcycles from around India

The Mahindra Mojo is easily the most serious attempt by Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd to date. The motorcycle, which is now available in two variants with a considerable difference in prices, is basically a Bajaj Dominar adversary that attempts to attract the motorcycle buying lot with its butch street naked looks and a punchy motor. While the motorcycle hasn’t been too successful in attracting the premium Indian bike buyers, it has at least caught the fancy of some motorcycle customisers. Here are as many as 5 modified Mahindra Mojo motorcycles that have caught our attention.

Ducati-like modified Mahindra Mojo

Here is a modified Mahindra Mojo that seems to have taken some styling inspiration from a Ducati. As you can see in the video we have above, the motorcycle is yet to receive a headlamp but it carries enough modifications that catch the eye. You get a matte black paint scheme along with some red highlights. The new matte black-red combo not only makes this Mojo look cooler but also gives it a Ducati-like appearance. Akin to the regular motorcycle, this Mojo comes with a twin-silencer setup and retains most of its design. However, the new paint scheme goes a long way in giving it a Ducati-like touch. While there’s nothing radical about this motorcycle, the new paint scheme and some new bits, like the new indicators and the tail tidy kit, go on to make this motorcycle more appealing.

Rigaad’s modified Mahindra Mojo

The second motorcycle we have here boasts of a yellow paint scheme along with a custom headlamp and a new visor. It also gets some luggage-carrying accessories that make it a more accomplished tourer. Powered by a 295-cc, single-cylinder engine that outputs 27 bhp and 30 Nm, this motorcycle is a comfortable highway cruiser. However, the modifications carried by this motorcycle make it an even more accomplished tourer. For starters, you get a modified seat that is more ergonomic on longer rides. This Mojo also carries a luggage box that helps you carry enough stuff on those long-distance rides. The front-end of the motorcycle gets a pair of auxiliary lamps along with a custom headlamp that carries a DRL. It is flanked by a custom visor. Overall, this modified Mahindra Mojo is a custom built tourer that looks the part.

Modified Mahindra Mojo Cafe Racer

Here is another modified Mahindra Mojo that carries some modifications for an enhanced visual appeal. The front-end of this motorcycle is characterised by a custom headlamp that carries some LED fixtures. Moving on. you get a new clip-on handlebar that replaces the original unit. The new handlebar plays an important role in enabling this motorcycle to offer an aggressive riding position. Also, the seat has been slightly modified to complement the Cafe Racer format. The tailpiece has been dumped in favour of a cleaner look with a tail tidy kit.

Mahindra Mojo Scrambler

5 modified Mahindra Mojo motorcycles from around India

This official Mahindra Mojo modification carries a Scrambler look, courtesy of an updated styling. The motorcycle gets a half-length custom front mudguard, stock alloy wheels, new tyres and new disc rotors, a round headlamp and a circular guard. Moreover, it comes with a laser-cut radiator guard, brushed steel finished stock fuel tank, stock handlebar with a custom aluminium throttle control and grip, aluminium phone mount, cafe racer style bar-end rear view mirrors, black painted engine with red cylinder head/cover, modified side-cowl, ribbed seat upholstery in brown colour and a swingarm spool slider. The plethora of custom parts makes this Mojo look like a true blue scrambler motorcycle.

Mahindra Mojo Adventure

5 modified Mahindra Mojo motorcycles from around India

The Mojo Adventure is an official custom job by MTWL that makes the Mojo look every bit a true blue adventure motorcycle. Basically, it carries enough updates to come across as a slightly toned down Triumph Tiger. The Mahindra Mojo Adventure has been kitted out with knobby off-road tires, new spoke wheels with colour-coordinated rims, updated inverted forks with Kriega covers, custom round headlamps with a new bikini fairing, large hand guards, circular rearview mirrors and a bespoke paint-job on the fuel tank and side cowls. The motorcycle also gets redesigned brake rotors and some other modifications that make this motorcycle really desirable.

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