5 modified Renault Duster SUVs from around India


Renault Duster scripted the success story for the French company in India. It was the first SUV from the brand that gained traction and made the Renault name a common sight on Indian roads. Even though the Duster has lost its charm, thanks to stiff competition in the segment, it still is an enthusiast’s choice. There are many modified Renault Dusters that can be spotted on Indian roads. Here are our top five ones.

Inside out

The Duster has lived for a long time in the Indian market without any significant update to the interiors. Here is a modification job that transforms the interiors of the Duster completely. The stock grey and brown interior of the Duster has been transformed into a sporty red colour. The dashboard colour has been changed to a dual red and black colour scheme, and even the steering wheel gets the same colour combination.

The seats have been transformed into all-red leather seats with black accents. The quilt-stitch design of the seats adds a very luxurious feel to the vehicle. The door trims also get the blood red trims with diamond stitched insets. To match the exteriors to the interiors, the Duster gets a sleek racing stripe running through the top of the vehicle. The same stripes can be seen on the side. Even a part of the alloy wheels has been painted red to match the overall look.


Renault offers a pick-up version of the Duster in the Brazilian market that is known as the Oroch. However, it is not officially available in the Indian market. Here is a modification job based on the Duster that transforms it into a pick-up truck. This is the pre-facelift version of the Duster and it looks quite badass in this form.

The Duster that was modified in Kerala retains the double-cabin layout. The rear portion has been cut and modified with a customised tailgate and a 1.35-meter long flatbed that has a capacity of 683 litres. It also gets a RedBandRacing performance remap that increases the power to 139 Bhp and torque to 320 Nm. Other mods consist of a Thule roof box and a custom grey paint job.


The current version of the Renault Duster has become quite common in India. Even though the new Duster is due for launch later this year, many existing customers have taken the job into their own hands. Here is such an example. The Renault Duster seen here gets a dual-tone body wrap that makes it look extremely good. According to the owner, the wrap alone cost Rs. 1 lakh.

Other changes include a new set of headlamps with LED DRL and a new LED tail lamp. The headlamp gets projectors too. The wheels have been updated to an all-new 20-inch black rim that further lifts up the look of the vehicle. At the front, the SUV also gets a new set of fog lamps. Additional accessories, like an inflatable roof rack from HandiRack, make the Duster look extremely good and unique.


The Renault Duster AWD is quite capable. Here is a pre-facelifted Duster that has been modified to increase the capability even more. This one gets a snorkel that increases its water wading depth significantly. The roof also gets auxiliary LED lamps that enhance night visibility. There are more lamps mounted on the grille of the vehicle.

This Duster also gets a new metallic custom paint job that turns all the chrome parts to black. Even the aftermarket alloy wheels with fatter tyres that lifts up the look of the SUV. There is a full-size tyre kept on the roof rack and a cycle rack mounted at the tailgate too.


Here is a Duster that has been modified by DC Design. The most eye-catching change in the vehicle is the front headlamps that have been replaced with new sleek LED lamps. The same lamps have an extension that works as the turn signals.

The grille of the Duster has been replaced with a sleeker looking grille that matches the LED lamps. Even the alloy wheels have been updated to new 10-spoke rims. The bumper has been modified to accommodate a pair of projector lamps and smaller fog lamps that sit just below the headlamps. The interiors have been converted to a lounge with reclinable rear seats and screens too.

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