5 MODIFIED Royal Enfield Himalayans

The Himalayan is the latest Royal Enfield in town, and the modifications have already begun. The bike is India’s first ever affordable adventure motorcycle, and also the most modern Royal Enfield yet. Here are five uniquely modified Himalayans from around India.

Grid7 Customs


Grid7 customs, based out of Kerala, has recently showcased their worked on a Himalayan. The unorthodox looking Himalayan has been made even more different looking with the modifications. The custom Himalayan now looks much sleeker than the original motorcycle with the removal of the additional mud-guard below the headlamp.

The metal mudguard above the tyre has been cut short. The Himalayan also receives new headlight unit, and the console finds a new position on the handlebar. The tank has been modified slightly to complete the overall look of the motorcycle.


The exhaust has been replaced with an all-new exhaust that now ends just below the seat and gets a one into two format. The exhaust has been crafted from stainless steel to withstand high temperatures. It also gets a custom paint in a matte finish dark forest green shade with a black stripe on the tank. The Himalayan also gets upgraded wheels with 18-inch front and 17-inch rear with fatter tyre profile.


Inline3 Customs


Inline3 Customs have modified a Royal Enfield into something very unique. The saltflat racer inspired Himalayan is like no other in the country. The modder has worked extensively to change the identity of the motorcycle completely. The new motorcycle sits lower than the Himalayan because of an all-new chassis. The bodywork has been done away with, and the motorcycle gets an aluminium body.


The front forks have been replaced with a customised triple tree with gunmetal studs. The bike also gets clip-on handlebars. The whole new set-up has resulted in the loss of 20 kg from the motorcycle. The motorcycle also loses the seat and gets an aluminium sheet in place. There is not console on the motorcycle. The tyres have been upgraded to Firestone slick tyres.


Royal Enfield Himalayan firefighter


Mumbai Fire Department and Bhopal fire departments have received modified Royal Enfield Himalayan firefighting machines. The motorcycle-based fire fighting system is easier to maneuver through the narrow streets of the cities. The modification involves installing various devices to the motorcycle.

There are a 60-litre water storage, a high-pressure pump and compressed air foam tank with gel blankets. The motorcycle also gets a first aid kit. The total cost of the modification is reportedly Rs. 10 lakh and seeing the effectiveness of the bike, many other cities plan to adopt the firefighting Himalayans into their garage.


MK Designs

MK Customs

MK Designs modified a Himalayan recently but kept the characteristic of the motorcycle alive. The modified Himalayan has received an all-new headlamp unit that looks alien. The headlight unit has separate pods for the low beam projector and the high beam while there is a strip of powerful LEDs on the bottom of the set-up. The motorcycle gets auxiliary lamps on the either side below the tank adding more visibility to break the nights. The modification also involves in removing the fuel tank guard and the front mudguard.


Royal Enfield Himalayan Duke 390 engine swap 2

Even though the Royal Enfield Himalayan has the perfect body style to get lost in the unknown, the engine feels a bit too less potent. Here comes India’s most powerful Himalayan, powered by Duke 390’s liquid-cooled engine. The engine swap replaces the 411cc, 24.5 BHP-32 Nm engine to 373cc, 43 BHP-35Nm engine.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Duke 390 engine swap 1

The engine swap makes the Himalayan much more quicker on the highways and also gives it much needed boost for the mountains. The 6-speed gearbox also comes with the engine switch. The Himalayan also gets the all-digital instrument cluster from the Duke 390. All other parts like the tyres, brakes, suspensions remain stock.

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