5 modified Tata Sumos from India that look STUNNING

Tata Sumo is a living legend that has been around for years now. The rugged Sumo is one of the first choices of the customers from Tier-II and Tier-III regions of India because of its lasting life. Tata Sumo has a very iconic silhouette and with a little modification, it can grab all the attention on the road. We bring you 5 modified Tata Sumos that look stunning.


5 modified Tata Sumos from India that look STUNNING

The straight body design of the Tata Sumo makes it an easily recognisable vehicle. Here, the owner has added a few modern looking parts that lift the overall look of the Sumo by a good amount. This white Tata Sumo is from Kerala and it gets aesthetic changes.

There is a bullbar place at the front that gets auxiliary lamps on the top and bottom. The headlamp housings are stock but they are now modified with angel eye rings and probably new projector lamps. The wheel arches also get new flares. The rims have been upgraded to alloys and get fatter aftermarket tyres that look great.


5 modified Tata Sumos from India that look STUNNING

Tata also supplies 4X4 version of the Sumo to the Indian Army. Such Sumos are not available in the showrooms but can be bought from Army auctions. The changes include new steel bumpers at the front and rear. Customised wheel arches that give a wider appearance to the vehicle. The tyres have been upgraded to massive 33*12.5*15 inch rubbers on 15-inch alloy wheels.

It also gets a snorkel, a 14-litre Tropicool fridge, a 0.5 KVa inverter with a 5 amp power output socket, rock sliders, LED lamps at the front, rear and interiors and new leather-wrapped seats. Additions also include cup holders, centre console and a navigator lamp.


Sumo Extreme

5 modified Tata Sumos from India that look STUNNING

This is an official Tata Motors modification concept that was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo. The Sumo Extreme retains its boxy looks but with changes, it looks like a complete SUV. The concept gets dual colour exteriors, bonnet scoops and new alloy wheels with big block tyres. The roof gets four additional lamps.

The radiator grille, the front skid plate is also new while the bumper has been updated with a more aggressive one. The wheel arches also get cladding to add a more rugged look. On the inside, the vehicle gets roof-mounted AV, one-touch power windows and new infotainment system.


5 modified Tata Sumos from India that look STUNNING

This is a Sumo Grande based modification job that looks extremely good. The job is done by Big Daddy Customs and it has transformed the Sumo completely. The work was given by Tata Motors and they specifically asked the modder not to touch the metal parts of the vehicle.

Bid Daddy redesigned the bumper and the front grille of the vehicle. The vehicle now gets floating side steps, reworked rear bumper with integrated LED lamps in the tail lamp cluster. The whole vehicle gets a marine blue matt grey finish that looks extremely sophisticated on the Sumo. The car also gets new alloy wheels that have been blacked-out.


5 modified Tata Sumos from India that look STUNNING

Tata Motors officially entered the 10th edition of the Desert Storm Rally with the Tata Sumo and won the edition. It is deemed as one of the toughest events in rally sports. The Sumo seen here is a 4X4 edition with additional equipment like a roll cage.

The car also gets new alloy wheels with fatter profile tyres. The rally-spec Sumo also gets a sump guard to protect the vital part of the vehicle from stone hits. It also gets a re-tuned engine and race-spec bucket seats.