5 mods that SLOW a car down

Most people modify cars thinking it will make them faster. But that is not the case. Not all mods will make your car faster. Here are 5 such mods:


Larger tyres

5 mods that SLOW a car down

Yes, larger tyres do provide more grip, but that also means you will be slower in a straight line. The larger the tyre, the more the contact area and the more the forces that are acting against the vehicle. This will make the vehicle slower. Yes, if you are talking about driving on the track, it may make it faster due to the additional grip you get on the corners, but in daily driving, it will not only make the car slower but it will also reduce fuel efficiency.

One more thing to keep in mind is that larger rims will be heavier and the additional weight of the rims will make the car slower too, unless you opt for the light weight ones which are really expensive.

Poorly designed exhausts

5 mods that SLOW a car down

The job of an exhaust is to remove all the unwanted gases as fast as possible and to maintain a certain amount of back pressure. While a free flow exhaust will make your car sound good, it may not make the car go faster, unless it has been properly designed for the vehicle. While minimal back pressure is needed, it is still very much needed. This calculation is very important to make sure that the vehicle has better performance.

Bad body kits

5 mods that SLOW a car down

Car companies spend a lot of time in the wind tunnel and looking at drag coefficients to make sure that their vehicles cut the air as cleanly as possible. Having a random body kit which has been poorly designed could add drag to the vehicle, making it slower. This could include a massive wing or a huge kit all around. Make sure to opt for a kit that will help improve performance.

Adding a roof rack/bull guard that adds weight

5 mods that SLOW a car down

Adding any weight to the vehicle will result in a drop in performance. Adding a roof rack will not only add weight to the vehicle, but will also spoil the aerodynamics making it a little slower. As for the bull guard, it is an additional weight too, especially those heavy one.

If these accessories are adding close to 100 kgs to your vehicle, it will certainly make it slower. Also, while a bull guard may sound like a good idea to protect your vehicle, it will do more damage in case of an accident as it will prevent the crumple zone from working as they are designed to.


5 mods that SLOW a car down

Adding a performance air intake is something that is very usual to improve the performance. Yes, it will help the car by making the engine breathe more freely. But one thing should also be kept in mind that given our environmental conditions, the intake will take in more dust and pollution as well, which means it may get clogged at a faster rate. Also, when opting for an aftermarket filter, make sure it has been designed for the particular model you have. There have been cases where a wrong air filter has been put which caused a drop in performance.