5 new wannabe cars from around India: From Lexus Camry to Mercedes Scorpio

Wannabe cars. As quite evident by those words itself, these are the cars which were born in regular middle-class families but had the aspirations to touch the sky one day. Practically speaking, the owner of these cars had such aspirations but it’s the cars that carry the burden of those aspirations on their shoulders. Some of them became Audis while some of these cars turned out to be some other high-end exotic brand car, though mostly the only difference is a grille and a logo. Here then are 5 such cars that can be termed as ‘Wannabe car’.

Audi Ciaz

Audi Sx4 1

Audi may not rank that high in the desirable brands list as compared to some of its rivals but it does have a strong fan following across the world. This is made evident by the owner of this first generation Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, who was not satisfied with the Suzuki badge in front of his car. Instead, he got a lowrider body kit, installed a new grille and completed the whole look with his beloved Audi logo at the front. The perfect recipe to have an Audi for cheap has been finally discovered folks, go ahead and be benefitted by it.

Lexus Fortuner

Dzire Vs Civic Featured

Among all the other cars on this list, the Lexus Fortuner featured here is one of the most common badge swaps in India. That’s right, converting a Fortuner into a Lexus is a fairly popular trend and there are various examples of such cars in our country. The Toyota Fortuner Above gets a Lexus style grille up front along with matching bumpers and LED DRLs. It is based on the LX 570 SUV, which costs nearly 7 times the cost of the Toyota Fortuner.

Mercedes-Benz Scorpio

Mercedes Scorpio

The Mahindra Scorpio is one of the best selling SUVs in India and is looking for a generation update next year. Some chap here, however, wasn’t too happy with Mahindra’s decision to bring the new generation model next year and hence went on to give his ride a facelift. And a face’lift’ is indeed what it is because this Scorpio now proudly wears the German tri-star badge on its grille. The Mercedes-Benz logo on the car gets two matching grille slats so that no one mistakes the SUV as a Mahindra car.

Lexus Camry

Lexus Corolla

The Toyota Camry is in itself quite a luxurious car with spacious and comfortable interiors and stately exteriors. It doesn’t come cheap either, with the current generation model crossing the Rs. 40 lakh price mark in our country. But what happens when you have enough money to buy a Camry but not enough to get a Lexus car. A Lexus Camry! What’s more, Lexus is actually a brand that is owned by Toyota and so the badge here rests not far from home. This modified Camry looks good but that Lexus badge takes matters to a whole different level.

Mercedes-Benz Dzire

Mecedes Dzire 5

Mercedes-Benz is making a second appearance on this list which hints towards its popularity in our country. Earlier we saw it on a Mahindra Scorpio but now it has moved on to a sedan in the form of the Dzire. The owner of this car was not satisfied with just placing a Mercedes-Benz logo on his car and hence he customised the logo itself. Now that what is known as a proper DIY job. We guess that is a Mercedes-Spyker logo mixed in one.




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