5 of India’s hottest, modified Chevrolet Cruze cars

Right from the outset, the Chevrolet Cruze sedan’s singular aim was to appeal to car enthusiasts. Blessed with muscular looks, the long, low slung sedan housed a 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine, which has only gotten more powerful over the years. The Cruze’s 2.0 liter Z-Series turbo diesel motor puts out 380 Nm of torque. Now, that’s what a BMW 3-Series offers, but the Cruze costs less than half of the Bimmer. That’s the value proposition many enthusiasts fell for, never mind the less than optimal handling of the Cruze on the curves. This car sold for its ability to be a straight line rocket, a torque monster if you will. Since we have so many enthusiasts buying the Cruze, it’s only natural that a few cars would receive modifications. Here are 5 of India’s hottest, modified Chevrolet Cruze sedans.

Motormind’s Matte Black Cruze


[Images courtesy Steeroids]

The Cruze is fast, and in matte black, it looks faster. Add a body kit, body kit, low profile rubber, 20 inch alloy wheels and a massive bootlid spoiler, and you have a mean looker. Here’s where it gets interesting. As if the stock Cruze wasn’t fast enough, Motormind decided to up the ante. So, a remap, a turbo upgrade, a larger intercooler, a stage 2 clutch and a cold air intake were added to the equation. Braking was boosted and the suspension, upgraded. Now, what looks fast, also goes very, very fast.

Chevrolet Cruze Transformers Edition

Chevrolet Cruze Custom 4

[Images courtesy ModifiedRides on Facebook]

This Cruze looks sharp enough to be a part of the new Transformers movie franchise. The vivid red paint job gives the car big street presence. Stylistic changes include a heavily sculpted bonnet, new front and rear bumpers, revised headlamps, a new grille, low profile tyres and hot looking alloy wheels.


Motormind’s Cruze in Matte Red

chevrolet Cruze 1

[Images courtesy Motormind on Facebook]

Here’s another Cruze from Motormind Automotive Design’s, a custom car outfit based out of Bangalore. The Cruze has received a matte red paint job, a body kit and a blacked out roof. The body kit makes the car hug the road, while strategically applied black bits give the red a nice contrast. For instance, the ducktail spoiler on the bootlid gets a black paint job and so do the bumper inserts and alloy wheels.

chevrolet Cruze 2

FRK’s Chevrolet Cruze Bumblebee

FRK Chevrolet Cruze Bumblebee 1

Talking of Transformers, here’s a Cruze that literally mimics the Bumblebee Camaro. A yellow paint job with black GT stripes running across the length of the car give it the unmistakable appearance of the Bumblebee. Other revisions include new headlamps, daytime running LEDs on the front bumper, LED tail lamps and new alloy wheels.

AutoPsyche’s Project Cruzer II

Cruze 1

AutoPsyche has painted the Chevrolet Cruze in Gulf Racing Livery. The effect is quite electric. The legendary Gulf colours sit very nicely on the Cruze, and the racy paint job is only half the work on this car. Revised bumpers, 18 inch alloy wheels on low profile rubber, LED head and tail lamps, Bilstein suspension, an ECU remap, and a custom intake and exhaust are the various modifications on this car. On the inside, carbon fiber detailing is standard.