5 performance modifications under Rs 50,000 that can make your family car faster

So, you have a great car. It offers a spacious and comfortable cabin, many features, and a high mileage.But wouldn’t it be amazing if your car was a bit sportier? Maybe quicker in the straights, faster around the corners? And what if we tell you that it can be done for only a small amount of money? Yes, here are 5 performance mods under Rs 50,000 that can make your family car faster and sportier!

Free Flow Exhaust (Rs 20,000 Onward)

easy car modifications free flow exhaust images

Basically, free flow exhausts are custom-made exhaust pipes that enable a higher volume of burnt-gases to escape from the engine. Faster these burnt gases escape from the engine, the easier it is to achieve a higher performance. Every model of a car requires a different free flow exhaust system as it’s likely to need a completely different exhaust plumbing. Also, one needs to be aware that free flow exhausts amplify a car’s engine note, which might make the car illegal for use on public roads. It’s best to make sure that the decibel levels are kept under a check. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid going full throttle on a public street, which will also help you keep the noise in check. It’s easy to meet the emission norms as long as you don’t remove the catalytic converter. Removing the catalytic converter will give higher gains in performance but it will get to pass the emission checks.

Free Flow Intake (Rs 12,000 Onward)
easy car modifications cold air intake images

A free flow intake (cold air intake + performance air filter), together with the free flow exhaust, can easily give you around 10% extra power. Using a cold air intake helps your car inhale colder air. Cold air is denser than warm/hot air, which helps your engine breath in a larger volume of air, thereby, helping combustion. A cold air intake works best with a performance air filter.  There are stock replacement aftermarket high-flow air-filters from companies such as K&N and Green Cotton, which involve just replacing your regular air filter with the oil-coated performance filters from these companies. These filters help improve the air flow to the engine, which in turn results in a slightly higher pick-up and even marginally more mileage.

ECU Tuning (Rs 25,000 Onward)

easy car modifications eco tuning box images

Basically, an ECU re-map is a new software that has a different set of codes for the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This way, the power and torque delivery can be modified to suit individual requirements. While one can re-map the ECU for performance gains in the acceleration or top speed, one can even get his ECU tuned to increase the fuel mileage. Easily expect performance gains in tune of 15%/

Stiffer Suspension (Rs 30,000 Onward)

easy car modifications stiffer suspension. images

While the above mods will definitely make your car go faster in a straight line, you need to tune your suspension to help you go fast around the corners. A stiffer suspension can lead to more confident driving in the corners. However, it’s not easy to alter the spring ratings. Hence, it’s best to go to a car tuner. It’s pretty easy to find stiffer dampers for cars like the Swift, Lancer, and Laura. You can get a set of stiffer shockers for roughly Rs 30,000.

More Grip (Rs 25,000)

easy car modifications softer tires images

Tires are easily among the most important parts of your car. They are the only area of a car that always remains in contact with the tarmac. They also play a huge role in the way your car corners and rides. To go faster in the corners, you can start with getting a new set of tires. Wider tires that will provide higher grip but will take a toll on the mileage. Using a softer compound also helps you achieve more grip. However, softer tyres wear out faster. That said, there impact in the enhancement of the performance can’t be overlooked.

Will Modifications Void the Car Warranty?

While many people think that modifying the car will void its warranty, the truth is that a modification doesn’t void a warranty unless it’s proven to cause a failure. For example, your car’s warranty stays valid in case you are using a free flow exhaust and there has been an issue of radiator leakage. However, in case the manufacturer is able to prove that an aftermarket part is responsible for the failure, you’ll have to say goodbye to the warranty. Hence, we strongly recommend you to think really hard before going ahead with a modification.