5 popular cars modified by Modster Customs: Honda City to Hyundai Verna

Modification jobs in India are still very limited due to the availability of parts and limited knowledge. Chennai-based Modster Automotive is a known name in the modifying circuit of the country. The garage has modified a lot of vehicles in the past. Here are their top 5 modifications, that look stunning.

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna has been one of the favourite vehicles for people looking for power in the segment. Hyundai has now launched the all-new Verna in the market that looks like a mini Elantra. However, this custom job is based on the last generation model. It gets a new body kit that includes a bumper skirt, rear diffuser, side skirts and rear vertex converter.

It also gets custom-made wing type spoiler. The grille has been replaced with a new mesh type one. The car also gets customised headlamps with projector lamps and DRLs. There are aftermarket tail lamps inspired by the Mercedes-Benz CLS. The 16-inch in forged alloy wheels look quite fantastic on the vehicle.

Chevrolet Beat

Even though the new Chevrolet Beat is no more available in India, the little vehicle looked quite muscular in its segment. Here is a job done by Modster on the Beat as a tribute to the last white male rhino from Sudan. The Beat looks very muscular here and gets a customised body kit with new bumper spoilers and side skirts. The hatchback also gets Moonwalk Grey Metallic paint. The customised bonnet lid looks very well designed and goes well with the vehicle.

Modster as added FXR projector lamps with devil’s eyes rings, customised tail lamps and 15-inch 8.5J wrapped 205/50 Nankang tyres. The car also gets Pete’s remap and a custom exhaust.

Chevrolet Cruze

The car was known as a diesel rocket when it was available in India. The Cruze turns out to be a great base for modification. Here is a much beefier looking Chevrolet Cruze that gets a new body kit. The car also gets a new bonnet with two hood scoops on it. The Cruze gets the same grille but it now has a new paint scheme that matches the body. The headlamps have been customised and come with DRL. The bright paint job and details like white lettering of the tyres make the Cruze quite noticeable in the sea of vehicles.

Honda City

Honda City is a global car and there are many Type R kits available for the vehicle in the international markets. In India, the scenario is little different. This Honda City gets aggressive Bumblebee inspired additions. The car gets Bumble Bee front bumper and customised DRL made with a strobe kit. The body kit includes side skirts, rear diffuser skirt and a custom made bonnet.

Other changes include a new Mugen grille, a new 3-piece spoiler, smoked tail lamps, CF dipped headlamps with projectors with DRL and Wurth sun film. The car also gets new 17-inch rims with new Nankang 225/50 rubber. The interiors also get slight updates with new customised seat covers with additional padding on the seat and 4D flooring with 3D mats.

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is undoubtedly one of the most reliable vehicles in the segment. The German engineering and sharp handling attract a lot of enthusiasts to the vehicle. This custom Polo stands out with its subtle yet powerful modifications. The car gets a new in-house designed front bumper, side skirts, 4-piece spoiler, rear bumper diffuser and integrated front splitter. The bonnet is FRP custom made and looks devilish.

The Polo also gets contrasting matte olive green and black paint job whole the wheels are dipped in carbon. The F-86 Sabre decals lift the looks of the vehicle. The Polo also gets customised upholstery.

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