5 RARE used cars for sale: From Toyota Sera to Jeep Grand Cherokee

India is one of the biggest car markets in the world and over the years, the cars sold in the market have entered the used car market. While most of the vehicles sold in the country are not for enthusiasts, there are a few which are on sale and are extremely expensive. Well, for such enthusiasts who do not want to spend much, there are quite a few options in the used car market, especially the rare old cars. We have a list of five such rare cars that are for sale in the market.

2007 Toyota Alphard

Asking price: Rs 14.5 lakhs

Used Alphard 2

Even though Toyota has been working to launch the all-new Alphard in the Indian market in the coming months, there are quite a few old Toyota Alphard luxury MPVs that can be spotted on the roads. This is a 2007 manufactured Alphard and it is currently owned by the second owner. The luxurious MPV offers seven seats, and it has completed a total of 67,000 km. The Alphard MPV offers a range of features including two sunroofs, middle row rotating seats, electric curtains and more. For more information, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.

Used Alphard 1

1996 Toyota Sera

Asking price: Rs 13 lakhs

Used Sera 3

This is truly a rare car in India. The two-door sports car from Toyota became quite popular, especially because of its design. This car is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka and the asking price is only Rs 13 lakhs. The vehicle has completed a total of 18,000 km according to the odometer. The car is currently with its second owner and the post mentions that it is in a pristine condition. You can contact the seller for more details.

Used Sera 1

1994 Jeep Cherokee

Asking price: Rs 10 lakhs

Used Cherokee 2

Jeep officially entered the Indian market only a couple of years back with the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. Before that, many enthusiasts imported the models of the Cherokee to the Indian market. This is an original Jeep Cherokee and it has been modified with winch, off-road fittings, high lift jack and carriers. For more information, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.

Used Cherokee 1

2002 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography

Asking price: Rs 6 lakhs

This is an original Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography for sale in Delhi. The car is maintained in top condition and the video shows the vehicle from all around. This SUV offers features like sunroof, air suspension, electrically powered seats, and many more high-end luxury features that no new vehicle at this price in India will offer. For more information, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.

2010 Volkswagen Beetle

Used Beetle @

The Beetle is an iconic car and the production of the vehicle came to an end after decades. Beetle, which was popularly known as the bug found many buyers in the market. However, there are only a few of them in India. Here is a Volkswagen Beetle that is for sale in Mumbai. The seller has quoted a price of Rs 12.5 lakhs. It gets powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine and gets an automatic transmission. It is currently with its third owner and it has completed around 41,000 on the odometer. For more details, please contact the seller directly by clicking here