5 ‘real’ ways to keep your car cool this summer

Summers are almost here and the temperature is soaring high. For the next few months, it will be a difficult time for the motorists who park their vehicles in the open and under the sun. A couple of years ago due to the extreme temperature in the northern part of the country, many chose to put a blanket of cow dung on their vehicles. However, that does not work effectively to keep your vehicle cool. We have a few accessories here that will definitely make your life easier in the Indian summers.

Cooled seats

While many manufacturers have started offering cooled seats with mass-segment products like the Venue but only the higher-end variants get that. If you do not have the choice of spending to get the variant with this feature from the factory, you can always go for the aftermarket accessories. Here is a device that will plug into your 12V socket and will work to cool down the temperature of your seat by a few degrees. It is a plug n play device and will be quite useful in the scorching Indian summers, especially if your vehicle has a leather or faux leather seats.

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Solar-powered exhaust

Solar Fan

With the car parked under the sun and windows closed, it creates a greenhouse effect. The heat enters the cabin but cannot escape it. This increases the temperature inside the cabin rapidly. However, some people keep the windows open with a small gap to ensure airflow. However, that is not as effective. The best way to keep the cabin cool while the car is parked is to ensure that there is constant airflow.

These solar-powered exhaust fans sit pretty tight on the window and it works by recycling the hot air inside the cabin. Since this is a solar-powered device, there is no need to make any changes to the vehicle and it will continue to work as long as the sun is out.

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Window blinders


Sun films are banned in India. However, you can always use sun blinders to keep the cabin cool and safe from the sun rays. There are different kinds of blinders available and some of them are cut out to fit the window of your vehicles perfectly. So choose a generic one or get the specific ones made for your vehicle. Here is an automatic sunblind that rolls up itself and saves a lot of space inside your vehicle.

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Rear AC vent

Rear Ac Vent

Having a rear AC vent is bliss in India. However, there are many vehicles that do not offer a rear AC vent. It is good and bad for the rear seat passengers. Some AC vents can intrude the space of the third passenger in the rear seat.

Here is the solution. This hose pipe will attach to the front vents of the vehicle and deliver the cold air directly to the rear passengers. Pretty neat for sure. In winters, you can just fold it and keep it away from the vehicle.

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Roller windshield


While you can take care of the windows by installing the blinders, the bigger glass area like the windshield still remain exposed and cause the greenhouse effect. Well, this roller windshield will keep the sun blocked from entering the cabin of the car from the front or rear windshield. They roll up when not in use so they are not cumbersome and easy to unfold too.

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