5 reasons why Indians DON’T wear seat-belts in cars

Car occupants in India hate using seatbelts. To ensure that people wear seatbelts, the government and police have made strict rules to fine people who sit in the front seat without wearing seatbelts. For safety reasons, all the occupants in a vehicle should wear seatbelts to ensure minimal injuries to the passengers during accidents. However, many car drivers and passengers stay away from wearing seatbelts citing various reasons. Here are top five such reasons that have been given for not wearing seatbelts, according to a survey done by Maruti Suzuki.

Law does not say so

You will hardly find any passenger sitting in the rear seats of a vehicle wearing a seatbelt. Why? Because there is no such rule that mandates passengers in the rear seat to wear seatbelts. The Indian law only makes it mandatory for the driver and the co-driver to wear a seatbelt. The people sitting in the rear do not have to wear seatbelts according to the law. During accidents, the rear passengers hit the front seat or passengers sitting in front and can cause extreme or even fatal injuries.

Does not look good!

Yes! People think that wearing seatbelts is not masculine enough. Nearly 40% of the surveyed population says that it is not good for their image to wear seatbelts and make them look timid. They also say that their co-passengers would consider them as a meek if they start using the seatbelts.

Lack of awareness

About 34% of the respondents who participated in the survey say that they do not believe that a seatbelt is necessary to prevent injuries. Many of the passengers did not know how seatbelts actually work and many of them think that the rear seatbelt would not protect them during accidents.

Lifestyle or old age

Younger people typically stay from seatbelts. The younger ones surveyed said that they do not care about seatbelts. 80% of singles claim that they do not wear seatbelts, while 66% of married people who have kids and 50% of married couples without kids also claim the same thing.


About 32% of the people who were surveyed said that the seatbelts crumple their clothes and it is the only reason that they do not wear seatbelts. If crumpled clothes are a problem for people, it can be solved with seatbelt cushions that are available on the market. These cushions have soft padded areas that can keep the clothes from crushing.