5 reasons on why you should look forward to the Jeep Renegade SUV

Snapshot: American SUV maker Jeep’s foray into the compact SUV segment has begun with the Renegade that was first showcased at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Among other markets, the Renegade is pipped to arrive into India next year. Built under the US Small Wide 4X4 platform, a Jeep specific adaptation of the Fiat 500L’s US Small Wide platform, the Renegade will share its underpinnings with the upcoming Fiat 500X crossover. In India, the Jeep Renegade will be built at Fiat’s Ranjangaon factory. Dubbed Jeep’s B-Segment SUV, the Renegade could be priced around the 10 lakh rupees mark, opening up the SUV market to a butch vehicle whose show matches the go. Here are 5 reasons why you should look forward to the Jeep Renegade SUV’s arrival in India.

Heavy localization leading to an affordable price tag

The Renegade compact SUV marks Jeep’s foray into 100 international markets across the globe, including emerging markets. India will be a crucial cog in Jeep’s overall global strategy what with the country’s Fiat Ranjangaon factory being touted to be a major export base for Jeep’s B-Segment and C-Segment compact SUVs. The Renegade, which will be Jeep’s B-Segment SUV model will be heavily localized in India to meet cost targets. The Indian SUV buyer is poised to benefit due to this, with a price of about 10 lakh rupees likely for the Renegade.

Fiat 1.6 liter Multijet turbo diesel and 1.4 liter turbo petrol engines


The Renegade will be offered with a range of turbo petrol, turbo diesel and naturally aspirated petrol motors. A diesel happy country, India will get the 1.6 liter Multijet turbo diesel motor. The motor outputs a peak power of 118 Bhp while peak torque is rated at 320 Nm. A 6 speed manual gearbox will drive the front wheels of the Renegade, which will also get an off-road ready Trailhawk rated top end variant with a more powerful turbo diesel motor under the hood. A 1.4 liter Fiat Multiair turbo petrol motor that outputs 138 Bhp-230 Nm will be offered with a 6 speed manual gearbox.

My Sky Openable Roof Panels

The word Jeep conjures an image of wind in the hair motoring on and off the road. While the Jeep Renegade comes with a fully enclosed cabin, it also gets a unique feature called My Sky. My Sky consists of roof panels that open up either manually or electrically, to make open-top motoring a possibility on the Renegade.

Trailhawk variant with Jeep off road cred

If you want a compact vehicle with go-anywhere capabilities, the Jeep Renegade will happily oblige, for the Trailhawk rated Renegade comes with serious off road kit. In the Indian context, the 2 liter Multijet II turbo diesel engine will be in the thick of things, along with a 6 speed manual gearbox. The Trailhawk model gets full-time four wheel drive capability with a Selec Terrain system that automatically adapts to various terrains. A 220 mm ground clearance, skid plates, 30.5 degree approach, 25.7 degree break over and 34.3 degree departure angles, 17 inch all terrain tyres, 205 mm wheel articulation and 480 mm water fording capability means that the Trailhawk model of the Renegade is a solid off roader that combines a monocoque car like comfort and ergonomics.

Four wheel independent suspension and intelligent four wheel drive system

Koni frequency selective damping (FSD) front struts and independent suspension on all four wheels are designed to offer pliant on-road ride quality and handling. A full electric power steering and start-stop systems boost fuel efficiency with a driving steer torque (DST) system working to eliminate torque steer. The rear axle on the Renegafe disconnects instantly through a power take-off unit (PTU) to maximize fuel efficiency when the four wheel drive system isn’t required with the system engaging instantly when 4×4 traction is required.