5 reasons why you should not abandon diesel cars just as yet

Diesel engined vehicles have received a lot of flak lately. The ban on diesel engine of above 2,000 in Delhi-NCR drew a lot of attention from all over the country. Even though the rule has been reversed now, the diesel engined cars are  already losing popularity pushing the sales of the petrol powered vehicles. Yet, vehicles powered by diesel engines have few special characteristics that can’t be replicated by the petrols. Here are some reasons why you should not abandon the diesel vehicles just as yet.

Long Drives


There are car owners who have to commute over long distances daily. Diesel engines play an amazing role in bringing down the daily running costs. Reasons being, diesel engines are more fuel efficient, which means lower running costs. Also,  you will have to make fewer stops at the fuel bunks.

If your daily commute is a long one, or you go on long weekend trips, the engines powered by sticky fuel is a blessing. On major Indian highways, diesel fuel is more easily available because it is used by trucks and it’s easier to get good quality diesel than petrol in remote areas.

More power to you

Tata Safari Storme


Generally, diesel powered variants of cars have lower power output than the petrol variants but if you look at the torque figures, diesel variants of the cars have always more torque. Now the torque is a very important factor in an engine. Torque sets things into motion and higher the torque, the greater the moving power of a car.

The high amount of torque makes it easy to drive the car in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Generally, the diesel powered cars start to move just by modulating the clutch pedal. Also, all the diesel engines come with a turbocharger, unlike fewer petrol engines.

Diesel powered vehicles become extremely fun to drive machines when you learn about the turbo boost point of your car. European manufacturers are the best diesel engine makers in the world as they rely on diesel powered engines more than the petrol ones. One of the world’s toughest race, Le Mans 24 Hours, has been continuously won by Audi Diesels.

Diesel vehicles retain their value better

Mahindra Scorpio Modred 2

You do have to invest a little more while purchasing diesel vehicles initially. Over a period of time, diesel vehicles retain their value more than the petrol powered counterparts. While the recent ban of higher capacity diesel vehicles in the Delhi-NCR has affected the trend in the region recently but the trend continues to be true elsewhere.

The diesel engine powered cars are economical to maintain otherwise. Modern diesel engines have lesser maintenance cost unlike the engines from previous era. The new diesel engines are also cleaner and are much more smoother than previous generation of diesel engines. All these factors make up for the higher resale value of diesel engine powered cars.

Longer life


The diesel engines have longer life than the petrol engines. It is a common sight in India to see vehicles like Mahindra Scorpio and Toyota Innova accumulating over 4 lakh kilometres on their odometer and still working reliably. Diesel engines operate at a higher compression than petrol engines. Due to this, they’re built stronger.

Due to the heaviness of the engine, diesel engines operate at a low rpm than petrol engines and hence, produces less friction. The diesel fuel also has lubrication properties in it. All these factors make the diesel engines last much longer than the petrol engines. If you want a car that you plan to keep for a full decade, choose a diesel powered car and you would not regret the decision.

Even diesels can be future proof

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Hybrid 2

Given the bans on the diesel vehicles recently, manfacturers in India have started to come up with diesel cars with mild hybrid system. The mild hybrid system is not a full-support system but it increases the fuel efficiency dramatically. Such hybrid cars also enjoy tax benefit from government and cost cheaper in some cases.

Currently, Maruti has a few mild-hybrid offerings in form of Ciaz and Ertiga hybrids. Mahindra also launched a mild hybrid version of the Scorpio. Both the manufacturers are said to be working on launching more cars with similar technology in the future.

Hybrid vehicles are also exempted from odd-even rules in Delhi-NCR region and are already become more popular. Example: The Maruti Ciaz Hybrid is killing the sales of the Honda City.

And yes, diesel engines can also be tuned for more power easily

creta 5

Modern day turbo diesels make much more power than petrols with a single remap. So, if you want a power and torque boosted car for cheap, buying a turbo diesel and taking the remap route makes a lot of sense. It may not be legal though.