5 regular Indian bikes MODIFIED to look like superbikes: Avenger to Harley, Dominar to Ducati & more

Pune based customization and modification house, AutoLogue Designs, is known for transforming motorcycles to a completely different league. They have modified many bikes out of which a few are superbike lookalikes. Here are five custom designs from AutoLogue that make regular bikes look like superbikes, at very affordable prices.


Gixxer to GSX conversion for Rs. 9,500 

The mod job based on the Gixxer 155 SF is an attempt to make it look like the flagship GSXR-1000. The neat job involves clip-on parts and costs only Rs. 7,000 excluding the clip-on handlebars.

The kit adds a nose-cover that gives it a GSX-R look. There is also a fairing filler and a seat cowl to give it a meaty look. The bike gets clip-on handlebar, which can be ordered from eBay and is priced at Rs. 2,500.

Harley Street 750

Avenger to Harley Street conversion for Rs. 9,500 

Bajaj Avenger is the most affordable cruiser that one can buy in India at present. AutoLogue designs have transformed an Avenger to look like a Harley-Davidson Street 750. The conversion kit comes with bolt-on parts such as headlamp cowl, engine shroud, seat and the tail kit.

The Avenger becomes a single-seater with the tail kit, but it can be removed easily whenever the user feels like using the pillion seat. With the kits, the Avenger gets a silhouette of the Harley Davidson Street 750 and looks much more premium. No changes have been done to the engine, and it remains stock.


KTM RC200/390 to KTM RC8 conversion for Rs. 50,000 

That’s the name given to the RC 390 that has been modified to look like the flagship RC8. The Austrian company offers exotic motorcycles in the premium segment like the well-known RC8. Indian custom motorcycle maker, Autologue has transformed a KTM RC 390 to exotic looking RC8 inspired motorcycle that they call RCX.

The motorcycle gets extremely well details features like vertically stacked projector lamps that have been sourced from KTM RC 390. The body panels have been fabricated from fibreglass and then mounted on the original mounts. To give it more juice, the engine gets ECU from Race Dynamics and a BMC air filter. The total cost of the body panels is Rs. 50,000 except the stickers.


Dominar to Diavel conversion kit for Rs. 16,500

When the Dominar was launched, many compared the bike to the design elements of the Ducati Diavel. AutoLogue took it into their own hands to create one and named it Domivel.

The Domivel gets bolt-on kits that can installed by the owners. The kit includes larger tank shrouds, a new tail kit that adds a shorter tail effect and a larger suspended tyre hugger. There is also a seat cowl, and engine cover to complete the look. All the parts can be bought separately too.

Yamaha YZF-R1 Rossi edition

Yamaha R3 to R1 conversion at Rs. 50,000

Much celebrated MotoGP rider, Valentino Rossi is known for his characteristics paint job on helmets and his rides. AutoLogue has tried to create a MotoGP-lookalike bike of Rossi based on a humble R3.

The changes include a larger bubble visor, new set of headlamps with projectors and DRLs, tank shroud and a rear seat cowl. AutoLogue has also created funky Rossi themed graphics on the bike and have put the famous “46” moniker on the front.

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