5 regular motorcycles converted into beautiful adventure tourers – Bajaj Pulsar 200 to Yamaha R3 [Video]

With an increase in the popularity of adventure touring in India, sales of adventure touring bikes have spiked. Companies too have read the market well and are bringing in suitable models. The BMW G 310 GS is a good example. However, there’s nothing to worry if you also have a knack for going into uncharted territories but have a normal bike. Today we bring you some bikes with videos of their transformation. Take a look and decide whether you want to jump on the bandwagon too.

Yamaha FZ25

The FZ25 is one of the best 250-cc bikes currently in the market. This one here has been given the adventure tourer treatment. The bike now features knuckle/hand guards, front visor from pulsar AS series, phone mount, pannier mount plates and a new off-road style/beak front fender.

The bike already looks ready to go on an adventure but the owner plans to make some more changes to make the bike so that its completely ready to take on any terrain. New additions will include crash guards and storage box mounts among others.

5 regular motorcycles converted into beautiful adventure tourers – Bajaj Pulsar 200 to Yamaha R3 [Video]

Bajaj Dominar

The Bajaj Dominar is one of the cheapest sports cruisers in the country currently. However, converted from a sports cruiser into a proper adventure cruiser, this one looks really intimidating. The bike has been covered with wraps and changes include custom seats taken from Royal Enfield Classic, handlebar risers, phone holder along with charging facility and an adjustable windshield. Regulars like knuckle guards, panniers and storage box among others mark their presence on this bike. The owner has also installed powerful horns along with auxiliary lights on the crash guard.

Mahindra Mojo

The Mahindra Mojo already looks the part with its twin silencers and twin-pod headlamps. This particular one however has got a lot more going on than a regular bike. The owner has fitted custom bucket seats for riding comfort. Storage box and pannier mounts also make their presence on the bike.

Thoughtful touches, such as a radiator protector and handlebar raiser are also present. All the lightning systems and parts have been changed. The twin pod cluster has made way for a single headlamps unit. Same is the case with indicators, which are now LED ones. Regulars like crash guards, knuckle guards and a phone holder are also present to make it easier to cruise over long distances.

Bajaj Pulsar 200

This particular Pulsar 200 has been tastefully done. From a normal 200-cc bike, the owner has done an excellent job at modifying it into an adventure tourer. You may even not be able to recognize that the donor bike was actually a Pulsar 200. The front cowling is taken straight from a Pulsar 220 and the front beak is an aftermarket piece. The cowling is topped with an aftermarket visor. Among the flashier upgrades on the bike, there are knuckle guards with LED lights and a host of auxiliary lights on the front crashguard.

The tyres have been changed along with the rims and there is a dual disk system up front now. The old seats have made way for new, comfier ones and there is a top box along with panniers on both sides at the rear. Topping up the whole package is an aftermarket exhaust that offers a power boost. This highly modified bike is easily the most transformed bike on this list.

Yamaha YZF R3

The sweet handling Yamaha R3 is quite a good bike in its own respect. But this guy here takes that to a whole new level and has modified it into an excellent example of an adventure tourer. The R3 is also the most powerful bike in this list and its sporty, lighter structure posed a bit of a problem for the modifiers to convert it into an adventure tourer but the guy finally did it.

On the bike, there are panniers mount plates along with a top box installed. The whole pannier-top-box-mount-plate setup was designed by the owner and executed by the mechanic. It also features a phone mount along with bigger, better seats to make long distance touring less daunting. In the looks department, the bike has golden inserts that lends some bling, and is beautifully decorated with decals.