5 Replica Cars from India

They might not be as expensive or exotic as their real versions, but replica cars have a cool that everyday cars cannot achieve. Not only because they aspire to be something unique, but also because, more often than not, there’s a huge amount of hard work gone behind making them. If that is evident, what else do you want from them! Here’s a list of five cars that try to mimic something else and have been successful in doing so. Almost.

Dodge Challenger


Do you remember the custom, two-door Maruti 800 convertible by JS Design? Jagjit Singh – the man behind that car – is back with another custom. It’s a Dodge Challenger replica based on a Ford Mondeo. While the Mondeo was no short on looks, making a good-looking two-door muscle car based on it must have been a task – one that’s been done almost perfectly by JS Design. Bigger wheels might have made a lot of difference, though.


Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


The Sesto Elemento (English translation: Sixth Element) probably had the most fitting name in the industry, thanks to an extensive use of carbon fibre. Not only was the car very light (kerb weight of 999 kg), it was one of the quickest, too – 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. But out of the only 20 units produced, it’s really difficult to lay your hands on one, even if somehow arrange the asking price. But the Sesto Elemento might look awesome, but it’s a bit too extreme for everyday use, isn’t it? So why not make a Gallardo look like one – it won’t be too different in terms of speed but will be more usable.

A trained eye might be able to differentiate this from a real Sesto Elemento, but as far as modified cars/replicas go, this does stand out. Made by Dilip Chhabria (DC Design), the replica is said to be based on a Lamborghini Gallardo, and is a proper eye-catcher.


Lotus Seven

superfire1200 3

Some cars go on to achieve such an iconic status that years after they originally cease to exist, their replicas continue to flourish. Lotus Seven epitomizes the ‘Less is More’ philosophy, and its numerous replicas try to do that, too. The Superlite 1200 is one such replica, pictures of which were first shot in the year 2005, is made in India.

It’s said to be powered by a Nissan engine (from the 118 NE), is a two-seater, comes with bespoke body work, and the barebones interior just has what one would need to enjoy driving – a set of pedals, a sparco steering wheel, a few meters, a gearstick, and a handbrake. The spare wheel goes to the back of this low-slung car, while the uni-direction tyres ensure that its on-road use isn’t compromised either.


Lamborghini Countach


The kit Lamborghini Countach is easily the best of the lot here. A post on Team-BHP suggests that it was imported as is but has been restored recently. It has a V6 engine under the bonnet, and looks stunning to say the least. The Countach was a legend from the 80s, and if that’s anything to go by, this one deserves to be one iconic replica.


Range Rover Evoque

i20-hyundai-2 (1)

And here’s how not to do it. No matter how badly the owner wanted an Evoque but got a Hyundai i20, no amount of badges will change that. Although, to be fair to him, he did try going the extra mile by adding those fender vents. Sadly all the efforts were futile.