5 retro cool, modified Bajaj Pulsars

5 retro cool, modified Bajaj Pulsars

Lots of people are going the retro way while modifying Bajaj Pulsars. Here are 5 well done examples. From the Pulsar 150 to the latest 200 NS models, multiple generations of the motorcycle have now hit the mod circuit.

Bajaj Pulsar 220F Retro Classic

Bajaj Pulsar 220F Retro Classic 1

Not so long ago, the half faired Bajaj Pulsar 220 F was one of the fastest bikes in India. Bajaj also sells this bike in Indonesia, where custom bike builder Rudy Gunawan got a brainwave to go retro with it. That’s how this Pulsar 220 ended up looking like a Triumph Bonneville. Apart from the engine and rolling chassis, almost everything else about this custom bike has either been fabricated, or sourced from other motorcycles. The end result is a very impressive retro-modern motorcycle.


Pulsar 150 based O-Four cafe racer

Bombay Custom Works' O-Four Cafe Racer 1

Closer home, here in India, Bombay Custom Works has built the O-Fur cafe racer around the Pulsar 150. The motorcycle sits lower, features lowered handlebars, a single seat and a sculpted tank. Bits of leather adorn the tank and exhaust muffler to achieve retro looks. The bike’s pista green and brown paint job do the rest. The O-Four is a beautifully crafted custom machine that’s elevated a humble commuter bike into a piece of rolling art.


BoneBreaker Cafe Racer

Bone Breaker Bajaj Pulsar Cafe Racer 2

Here’s another cafe racer, but all the way from Colombia. The Pulsar is quite a popular motorcycle in Colombia, so much so that modified examples are now seen on streets. The BoneBreaker is a relatively simple mod job but one that looks substantial due to the paint job and the overall design. Many items of the Pulsar 180 DTSi, such as the tank, chassis, engine and exhaust have been retained. The front half fairing is new, and retro looking while the handlebars make way for lowered clip-ons. Replace the tail section of the original bike with a hump of a cafe racer, and you have a sweet looking custom ride.

Gear-Gear Motorcycles’ Cafe Racer

Gear-Gear Bajaj Pulsar Cafe Racer 1

Here’s yet another cafe racer, but one that’s very basic. Much of the unimportant bits have been fleshed out, to make for a more minimal-looking motorcycle. The fuel tank, with a million stickers on it, pulls the bike back out of minimalism and keeps the design looking quite busy. It sort of adds character to the bike. The rest of the bits are regulation cafe racer items, from a flat tank, clip-on handlebars and a flat seat. Monoshock suspension and custom lighting add new life to what’s essentially a 15 year old bike. Yes, this Pulsar was first built in 2001.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Scrambler

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Scrambler Custom 3

The 200 NS is one of the latest bikes in the Pulsar range, and it has already hit the custom circuit. Here’s a Scramblerized version of the 200 NS. Built in Indonesia, this custom bike retains the engine and frame of the 200 NS, and replaces the body work with modified bits. From a smaller tank to the new seat and free flow exhaust, the modifications are extensive but tastefully done. The focus is on comfort, and that explains the higher set handlebar and the more generous seat. The rear is finished in retro-style, with stuff that wouldn’t look out of place on a Bonneville.

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