5 Royal Enfield motorcycles MODIFIED to look like Harley Davidsons

Royal Enfield motorcycles enjoy a huge fan following. The motorcycles offer oodles of retro charm and the signature thumping exhaust note. However, this hasn’t stopped some Royal Enfield owners from giving their motorcycles a Harley Davidson-like appearance. Here are videos of as many as 5 modified Royal Enfield motorcycles that try hard to mimic a Harley Davidson.

Royal Enfield to Harley Davidson V Rod Gallardo

Here is a modified Royal Enfield, which tries hard to look like the Harley Davidson V Rod Gallardo custom motorcycle, by No Limit Custom. It gets a similar neo-retro design for the fuel tank, a single-seat arrangement, and a really fat rear tire. While it’s not an exact copy of the real custom bike, the customiser has done a brilliant job of capturing the spirit of the V Rod Gallardo. This motorcycle gets a lot of custom panels that are visually similar to the one on the original V Rod Gallardo. Some bits, like the Yamaha-sourced digital speedo console, come from some mass production motorcycles available in the country. While the real V Rod Gallardo has a white paint scheme, this motorcycle gets a matte black finish. This Royal Enfield has been customised by ‘Gullu Custom Motorcycles’ from Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

Royal Enfield to Harley Davidson Iron 883

Here is yet another Harley Davidson replica based on a Royal Enfield. Basically, this motorcycle started life as a regular Thunderbird 350 but was later modified to look a lot like a Harley Davidson Iron 883. It gets a similar paint job, alloy wheels, and a twin-exhaust setup. Of course, one of the two exhaust pipes is a fake unit whose only role is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the motorcycle. Overall, we are pretty happy with this rather neat modification job. This modified Thunderbird 350 manages to look a lot like an Iron 883.

Royal Enfield to Harley Davidson Street Glide

Here is another Royal Enfield that has been modified to look like a Harley Davidson. The motorcycle sports a custom black-red paint scheme, a custom tank, and a front fairing that seems to have taken inspiration from a Harley Davidson Street Glide. Even the rear fender is and looks a lot like the one on a American cruiser motorcycle. This RE is a single-seater. While this modified RE doesn’t look exactly like the Street Glide, the customisers have managed to inject at least some Harley Davidson DNA to the design of this custom RE.

Royal Enfield to Harley Davidson Fat Bob

The motorcycle you see in the above video has been named ‘Nautilus’. Actually, it’s a modified Royal Enfield that has been done up by the very skilled team at Bangalore-based Bulleteer Customs. It’s said that this custom motorcycle pays home to Captain Nemo’s submarine. Basically, the Nautilus is the name of Captain Nemo’s submarine from Jules Verne’s famous novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island. However, this motorcycle looks a lot like a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Of course, it’s not a true replica but there are definitely many hints of the American motorcycle in the design of the Nautilus.

Royal Enfield to Harley Davidson Sportster

Here is yet another Royal Enfield Thunderbird that has been modified to look like a Harley Davidson Sportster. This motorcycle has been modified by Andromeda Custom Motorcycles. It gets many custom bits including a set of custom alloy wheels,  a single seat setup, a Sportster-like tank with a very attractive paint job, and many other bits that make the motorcycle look a lot like the Harley Davidson Sportster. Even this bike gets an extra exhaust pipe that is basically a faux unit added simply to enhance the aesthetics. We are pretty happy with the overall quality of the workmanship.

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