5 Royal Enfield motorcycles transformed into Harley Davidson lookalikes [Video]

5 Royal Enfield motorcycles transformed into Harley Davidson lookalikes [Video]

Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson brands were launched only a few years apart in the early 1900s. Both the brands now have a global presence and have made a cult following around the world. The Royal Enfield brand majorly caters to the buyers looking at affordable bikes, while the Harley-Davidson serves the premium customers. Many Royal Enfield owners put their machines under the knife to make them look like Harley-Davidson bikes. Here are five such Royal Enfield to Harley-Davidson transformations.

Bright Blue

This Royal Enfield to Harley-Davidson job looks inspired by the modified Harley-Davidson bikes. The owner says that it took five months for the transformation and many changes have been done to the bike. It gets a new custom tank and a V-Twin engine cover that gives an impression of a dual-cylinder engine.

It also gets a 1-into-2 exhaust system that adds a more Harley-Davidson effect to the bike. The bike also gets 140mm cross-section front tyre and 200mm rear tyre that add most of the bulk to the custom bike. It also gets disc brakes on both the wheels. The chrome blue colour on the bike makes it look very attractive.


This was originally a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 that has been transformed into a Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight by Puranam Designs. The Thunderbird has been completely modified with a new tank, new handlebar, a new seat and new front and rear fenders to get the desired look. It also gets a bright red paint job that highlights it even in a sea of vehicles. The bike also gets alloy wheels with tubeless tyres and disc brakes on both the wheels.


Here is another Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 based Harley-Davidson transformation. The original body panels of the bike have been replaced with custom parts. Even the new tank looks inspired by the Harley Davidson 883. The headlamp is now an LED unit and the twin cluster instrument cluster gives way to a monopod.

It also gets a new flatter handlebar and new fenders that add a minimalistic look to the machine. The single-seater custom bike gets new alloy wheels and disc brakes on both the ends.


This is based on a Royal Enfield 350 and has been transformed completely to look like a Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight. The bike gets an all-new custom fuel tank that gets the iconic teardrop shape. The bike gets new handlebars, new alloy wheels with disc brakes at front and rear and chopped fenders. It gets a new single-pod instrument cluster and gets a single seat too.


Here is a Classic 350 that has been transformed into a Harley-Davidson Superlow inspired modification job. It gets an all-black paint scheme that adds a very classy look to the modified bike. It gets a new custom tank, dual exhaust tips, a new seat, new fenders and a new headlamp. The bike also gets new multispoke wheels with fatter tyres. The front tyre gets disc brakes while the rear keeps the stock drum brakes.

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