5 Royal Enfield motorcycles transformed into Harley-Davidson replicas [Video]

Royal Enfield is to Indians what Harley-Davidson is for Americans. Both are among the oldest bike companies in the world and both make cruiser motorcycles. Modifying Royal Enfield bikes is an old practice in our country, but ever since the launch of the Harley-Davidson brand on our shores, modding has been taken to a whole different level. Today, there are many Royal Enfield bikes which have been custom made to look like Harley-Davidson bikes. And we are talking about some properly done bike modifications, not just tinkering and other stuff. Let’s see some of the best examples of the same running in our country.


The Harley-Davidson V-Rod is one of the best-looking bikes on sale currently. Now, Delhi-based GM Customs have transformed a Royal Enfield Electra into the iconic V Rod. This custom V Rod has a very imposing stance and looks very good.

It gets a new custom tank and a V-Twin engine cover that gives an impression of a dual-cylinder engine. The bike has been given a bit of minimalistic chopper looks, hence, those raked out suspensions. The bike also gets a dual side silencer and a rear tyre so fat that it could put a car tyre to shame. Everything except the engine has been changed or modified on this bike.

5 Royal Enfield motorcycles transformed into Harley-Davidson replicas [Video]

Fat Boy

This custom retake on the original Harley-Davidson Fat Boy looks uber cool. A Classic 350 in its stock form, it has been painstakingly transformed into a Fat Boy. Probably the only thing that gives it away is the bike’s dimension. The bike now gets bespoke Fat Boy-inspired wheels, engine covers, head light and tail lights.

It features comfy diamond quilted seats along with a custom paint job and dual exhaust. It also gets the signature Harley peanut-shaped tank. Imagine Arnie showing his Terminator skills on this one (Fat Boy was used in the famous Terminator 2 chase scene).

Blue Magic

What happens when someone sprinkles the magic Harley sauce over a regular Royal Enfield Bullet…..Blue Magic. Yeah, because the bike here has been extensively worked upon to look like a Harley and boy, it certainly does.

Guys at Eimor Customs, Hyderabad, have created this beast out of a Royal Enfield Bullet. The striking highlight of the bike is its front headlight unit which looks exactly as on a Harley. The bike now also has tank-mounted instrument gauges and a beautifully textured brown seat. It rides on multi spoke alloys and gets a custom single silencer pipe along with high set handlebars.


Night Rod

This one is again from GM Customs, but has been modified to have a different look. This bike started its life as a Royal Enfield Electra, but ended up being like the Harley Davidson Night Rod. The frame, tyres, lights, tank, handle bars etc, everything is new.

In fact, this bike is completely new, save for the engine. It gets a single blacked-out seat, sporty side silencer and handlebars to give it a power cruiser look. Engine covers give a Faux V-twin look, but is rather attractive. The rear tyre seems to have been taken from a spaceship and is thick enough to chew and spit out any competition it faces.


A Bobber is a bike which is stripped down to bare minimum and is fully focused on delivering a good riding experience. This bike, which once was a 350 Royal Enfield Electra, aims to do the same. All the parts and panels that were not involved to get the bike moving have been removed.

The bike looks out of the world, in a positive way though. It is essentially just a seat, engine and handlebar thing riding on wheels and supported by a suspension, exactly what a bobber is meant to look like. Also, that swirled exhaust and the custom peanut tank look remarkable.