5 SIMPLE car mileage boosting tips in 5 minutes

It won’t be wrong to say that the Indian car owners are really concerned about the mileage their cars deliver. Most of the car owners want to extract the best mileage. At the same time,  no one wants to drive like a grandma. On the contrary, even the driving enthusiasts often want a good fuel economy to battle the ever-increasing fuel costs. Here are as many as 5 easy-to-follow car mileage boosting tips to help you achieve a high mileage.

Maintain Optimum Tyre Pressure

Running your car on under-inflated tires can spell havoc to the mileage. Under-inflated tires cause your engine to work harder and consume more fuel. Other than this, running your car on tires that are under- or over-inflated also causes higher tyre wear. In the worst case, a worn out tyre can lead to a serious accident. Hence, it’s a pretty good idea to stick to the manufacturer-recommended tyre pressure. This will not only increase the mileage but will also reduce tyre wear and risks of accidents.

Drive below the torque peak of your car’s engine

Every engine delivers its peak torque at a certain point in its rev range. Shifting gear slightly below this point will help you boost the mileage. This is because it’s below the peak torque point that the engine is the most efficient. The torque peak we are talking about refers to the engine speed (measured in RPM) at which the motor’s peak torque is developed. Keeping the engine speed just below the torque peak can help you boost the mileage.

Turn off your car’s engine at the stop light

It’s a good idea to turn off your car engine at the stop light. Actually, it’s an effective mileage-boosting trick that doesn’t require you to be an expert driver. In case you spend roughly 10 minutes at stop lights every day, you can easily save about a couple of kilometres worth fuel. Other than this, you’ll also be doing a small favour to the mother Earth by cutting down on some emissions for a few minutes.

Turn off the air conditioner when not required

There are many car drivers who use the aircon even when it’s not required. In many parts of the country, it isn’t too hot throughout the year. Rolling down the windows and driving without the AC during early morning or post-sunset can often reward you with a pleasing cool breeze. It will also help you get more mileage from your engine. Switching off the AC improves the fuel efficiency by up to 10%,

Start coasting

Coasting to a halt can help you save a lot of fuel. Basically, coasting is a technique in which you press the clutch and put the car in neutral before coming to a standstill. Instead of braking right before the zebra crossing at a red light, you can simply use this technique to gradually come to a halt. Other than improving the mileage, this technique also helps you converse your brake pads and tires by avoiding hard braking. However, coasting downhill isn’t advisable as it can cause an accident due to a loss of control.