5 star hotel guards salute Ferrari owner and let him pass instead of checking car [Video]

The car culture in India is experiencing significant growth. Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in the number of people purchasing expensive and exotic cars. Additionally, the country has witnessed a rise in young entrepreneurs and millionaires. Consequently, it is now more common to see exotic cars on the roads than ever before. Spotting a sports car or a supercar is not a remarkable occurrence, particularly if you reside in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, or Delhi. We have a video below that showcases the reaction of security guards at a five-star hotel upon encountering the owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia.


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The video was uploaded by varunnn_04 on his Instagram profile. It was recorded in Bengaluru, and based on the appearance, it seems to be at The Oberoi hotel on MG Road. In the video, we can observe a white Ferrari 458 Italia making a turn towards the hotel’s entrance gate. The driver is taking great care while maneuvering the car due to its low ground clearance. Once the car has successfully completed the turn towards the hotel gate, the three security guards stationed there to inspect vehicles glance at the car and salute the occupant.

In many luxury hotels, the guards often greet guests by either saluting or saying namaste. In this particular video, all three guards salute the person in the Ferrari. However, one aspect they failed to perform adequately was the inspection. Typically, when a vehicle enters hotel premises, security guards usually examine the trunk and the undercarriage of the car. However, this was not observed in this case. The guards simply stepped aside as the car approached, and the driver proceeded forward. It appears that the guards stationed at the main gate of the hotel were not familiar with the car and lacked knowledge on how to properly conduct a vehicle inspection.

5 star hotel guards salute Ferrari owner and let him pass instead of checking car [Video]
Security guards saluting Ferrari owner

The Ferrari 458 Italia differs from regular cars in that it lacks a conventional trunk due to its mid-engine design. This might have caused confusion among the guards, leading them to let the car pass without inspection. Another reason, which applies not only to the guards but to everyone, is the tendency to become engrossed in the presence of an expensive or sports car on the road. People often forget about their surroundings and fixate on the vehicle and the driver. While an ordinary person may desire to admire the car, they would typically maintain a respectful distance, considering the unknown reaction of the owner. This phenomenon is not limited to guards alone. In the past, we have witnessed instances of police officers posing for pictures with superbikes and sports cars on the road. Recently, there have been cases of people posing for pictures in front of what is likely India’s only golden-wrapped Rolls Royce taxi. We believe that the security guards genuinely intended to perform their duties, but they were overwhelmed by both the presence of the sports car and the affluent owner behind the wheel.