5-star rated Mahindra XUV300 crashes into 4-star rated VW Polo [Video]

Accidents in the mountains and hilly terrains are quite common, especially because of inexperienced drivers. Here is an incident that shows a head-on collision between a Mahindra XUV300 and Volkswagen Polo. The video has been recorded on a dashboard camera of the Volkswagen Polo.

In the video, you can see the Polo going uphill while the Mahindra XUV300 is downhill on the same road. On a blind turn, the Volkswagen Polo maintains its extreme left lane position. However, the XUV300 comes to the centre of the road and collides with the XUV300 head-on.

The accident shows why it is important to maintain lane discipline, especially in the ghats and mountain road sections. The head-on collision caused damage to both vehicles and we can see some liquid leaking out of the vehicles, which can be a radiator leak. But nothing seems to be extreme. No one was injured in the accident.

5-star rated Mahindra XUV300 crashes into 4-star rated VW Polo [Video]

Another accident from Tamil Nadu has been captured on camera, involving a Kia Seltos traveling uphill. As the driver approaches a turn, they remain on the left side of the road. Unfortunately, when a truck approaches from the opposite direction, the driver of the Kia Seltos panics and swerves to the right, resulting in a head-on collision between the truck and the Kia Seltos.

In the video, it is evident that the truck driver was using the horn to alert the Kia Seltos driver. However, it seems that the driver of the Kia Seltos was caught off guard and did not anticipate the presence of the truck. In a state of shock, the Kia Seltos driver attempted to avoid the truck by veering towards the right, inadvertently placing themselves directly in the path of the oncoming truck.

Driving in mountains

Mountain driving offers an exhilarating and memorable experience, but it also carries inherent risks. However, by exercising caution and adhering to essential rules, one can ensure a safe journey. One primary rule is to maintain your lane discipline while driving on undivided mountain roads. Inexperienced drivers often drift into the opposite lane, putting themselves at risk of catastrophic accidents.

Another critical aspect is exercising mindfulness during overtaking maneuvers. Attempting to overtake blind corners can be extremely perilous and may result in severe accidents. By following these guidelines, drivers can effectively mitigate the dangers associated with mountain driving and enjoy the adventure responsibly.

Driving on hilly terrains demands heightened vigilance. Mountainous regions pose numerous challenges, particularly in cold conditions. One significant hazard is the presence of black ice on the roads, which can cause vehicles to lose traction. It is crucial to drive at reduced speeds, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and exercise caution when encountering icy patches.

By adopting a defensive driving approach and staying alert to these potential hazards, motorists can navigate mountainous roads safely and enjoy picturesque landscapes with peace of mind.


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