5 super simple tricks to photograph your car like a PRO

So you’ve got your car, love it unconditionally, and want to click pictures of it. With advanced phones and cameras it’s easy to shoot and edit your car’s pictures like a professional. We look at five simple tricks you can adopt to make your photographs stand out, be it on Instagram, Facebook, or real prints.

Use Manual controls

Most cameras offer the ability to vary the exposure manually. Use the controls to exercise your creativity. With a slower shutter speed, you can add more motion blur to the photo or even light trails.


A faster shutter speed will even help you capture as if the world has come to a halt — this is great for off-road photos.

Get creative

Mercedes-AMG C63S.

Use your creativity, try new angles, and make the photo more interesting. Sun in the background, a known monument, or even trees can make your image stand out. Introduce a prop like the car keys and keep the vehicle out of focus and the keys in focus, and the image is going to look more appealing. These are only a few examples, but the point here is that one needs to look away from conventional photos and style.

Editing is the way to go

Infiniti Q50 Dubai

It’s not about copy pasting a car on an empty stretch of tarmac — that’s not what professionals do. But editing a picture can enhance the way the car looks, the way its design features are highlighted, and the way its colours are shown. Applying filters is also another solution but stick to a reputed application like VSCO on mobile and Lightroom on the PC for the same.

BMW E90 3-series

You can even take it a level ahead and improve the images in slightly more involving softwares like Snapseed on phone and Photoshop on the PC.

The right time and place

Love 'em curves... ;)

Photography is all about being at the right time at the right place, and the same is applicable to clicking pictures of your car as well. Morning and evening light is suitable for good pictures, and while you can explore day and late night as well, but that requires more time and effort. Soft light means the pictures look better, and the car looks more pronounced.

Mille Miglia 2014 - Mercedes 300 SL

Same goes for the background. A clean background is always a plus, but if you can get something interesting that adds to the picture, there’s nothing like it.

Alternate options

With so many options (or mediums) available, one shouldn’t be restricted to photography alone. There are short videos, time-lapse videos, and even slow motions ones that we must explore. And that’s not all, you can try new angles with action cameras like GoPro.

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Sharing photos is another key in photography, especially if you’re following the professional approach. It can even land you a job as an automotive photographer as you practise and move ahead in the game.

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