5 SUVs caught in ‘FLIGHT’ mode: Toyota Fortuner to Mahindra Thar [Video]

A thoroughbred SUV can take you almost anywhere. Also, an SUV can also help you fly! No, we aren’t kidding. It’s actually possible to be air-borne in an SUV, at least for a few seconds. While a flying SUV looks spectacular, one must remember that such jumps cause a lot of wear and tear of the suspension. Also, these stunts are dangerous as there are high chances of the SUV rolling over or losing control. Hence, in spite of these SUVs being highly capable machines, it’s always a best practice to keep all the four wheels on the ground. Anyway, here are 5 videos that show SUVs can fly –

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is easily the most popular premium SUV in India. The Fortuner comes with a powerful engine and a competent 4×4 hardware. The video we have above shows a last-gen Toyota Fortuner that is air-borne for a few seconds after a massive jump on one of the obstacles. While the last-gen Fortuner makes it all look so easy, it’s worth a mention here that such jumps can take a toll on the suspension components during hard landings.

Ford Endeavour

The latest-gen Ford Endeavour is another well-sorted premium SUV that’s very capable off the road. In the above video, you can see an Endeavour air-borne for several seconds after it jumps off an incline. Even in this video, you can see the SUV landing really hard on its wheels. Such hard landings can easily damage the suspension and the tires. Also, the SUV can have an accident as an unskilled driver can easily lose control.

Mahindra Thar

The above video is actually a compilation of four jumps. Except for the first segment, the other parts of the video show a Mahindra Thar that’s air-borne for several seconds. In the second video itself, you can see a Thar that lands really hard and the driver almost loses control of the vehicle. He’s really lucky that the Thar didn’t roll over. Such videos go on to highlight the dangers involved in such jumps.

Maruti Gypsy

In this video, you can see a Maruti Gypsy that has taken part in what seems to be an off-road race. You can see how the rally-tuned Gypsy has its wheels in the air after climbing up an incline really fast.

Mahindra CJ3B

In this video, you can see a rally-tuned Mahindra CJ3B literally flying through obstacles at a pretty high speed. As you can see in the video, the hard landings take a toll on the wheels and the suspension components. While such stunts are inevitable in motorsports where one needs to be really fast to set the best times, these jumps are best avoided under normal circumstances.

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