Maruti Suzuki Baleno has gained massive popularity in the market. The first ever premium hatchback from Maruti is one of the top selling cars in India and has also outsold the Swift. With the rising numbers of Balenos on the road, many owners go the custom way to be different from the rest.

Red Hot


The Maruti Baleno comes with a chrome front grille. This modified vehicle from Kerala shed all the chrome on the body to get a neat look. The front grille has been replaced with a new gloss black grille with blacked out logo.

The roof of the vehicle has been painted black to give a dual effect. The A-Pillars are also blacked out. There is also an auxiliary LED lamp mounted on the boot of the vehicle. The bumper remains the same but there is now a front skirting. The rear view mirrors have been blackout too and there are new black alloy wheels that go very well with the overall theme of the vehicle.

Black Demon


The all-black Baleno looks extremely brutal. The Baleno seen here gets customised body kit with Samurai front lip that has a carbon fibre finish. The front grille has been blacked out along with the Suzuki logo. The Baleno is powered by the 1.2-litre VVT petrol engine and gets customised Raj Hingorani exhaust system.

It further gets wider 215/40 tyres on new 17-inch wheels. The dechrome effect alongside small additions sure makes the Baleno turn a lot of heads on the road.

The Thug


The black and white Baleno seen here gets subtle modifications but together they make the car look special. The roof of the Baleno has been covered in the matte black wrap and so is the bonnet. The new bits give the vehicle a very contrasting look.

The grille of the Baleno has also been blacked out. The bumper is stock but LED DRLs have been added to give it a different look. The owner has also gone for wide tyres profile, giving it a thug look on the road.

White Magic


White is the most preferred vehicle colour bought in India. However, there is a way to not look same as everyone else even after buying the white colour. This Baleno from Kerala gets a glossy black roof finish. To go with the look, the owner has also blacked out the front grille. The front fog lamp now gets LED bulbs, that make it look much more premium.

The owner has also upgraded the tyres and the alloy wheels of the vehicle. The tail lamps get smoked out effect too.



The Baleno RS is the performance version of the hatchback which is powered by a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine. The RS already gets a different bumper and blacked out alloy wheels to differentiate from the regular Baleno. The owner of this Baleno RS has upgraded the vehicle further with new alloy wheels, new grille, a new badge on the grille, smoked tail lamps and a new rear bumper skid plate.


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