5 Tastefully Modified Maruti Suzuki Gypsy SUVs – Part II

Snapshot – The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy has been around for nearly 3 decades in India. Over the years, design changes to this capable off roader have been few and far in between. The SUV has gained horsepower though, from the 1 liter-4 cylinder petrol motor giving way to a 1.3 liter carbureted petrol engine, to now the same motor with multi point fuel injection. Sold in hard top and soft top variants, the petrol-only Gypsy gets leaf springs all around and a four wheel drive transfer case. Given the Gypsy’s sheer endurance, not to mention its iconic stature, in the Indian car market, it is only fitting that the off roader is the subject of tasteful modifications. Here are five such mod jobs on the mountain goat of Indian automotive lexicon.

Motormind’s Gypsy 2.0

Motormind's Gypsy 2.0 1

Bangalore based automotive custom house Motormind has given the Gypsy a 2.0 treatment. The vehicle retains its boxy (should we call it timeless?) lines and the quintessential Gypsy shape which makes it instantly recognizable from a mile away. The changes are subtle and give the off roader a more modern stance while retaining the butch looks. The front and rear bumpers get makeovers, chunkier tyres get added, the innards get stripped out and redone with new seats, a new steering and the works. The off roader now features wider fenders to keep out the muck that the beefier tyres will kick out. Daytime running LEDs are added while the roof is redesigned and made wider to accommodate reclining seats. This Gypsy is a two seater, with the rear of the SUV becoming a loading bed.

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Dilsher Singh’s tastefully modified Maruti Gypsy

Dilsher Singh's Maruti Suzuki Gypsy 3

Dilsher Singh of Punjab has retained the near stock look of the Gypsy and has yet managed to make it look unique. The modifications are not extensive but minimal, sticking to the adage – simplicity is the greatest sophistication. Mud terrain tyres have been added while the front end of the vehicle looks mean with a slew of driving lights. Two leaf springs have been added to the suspension of each wheel, raising ride height and giving the Gypsy a true off roader stance. The soft top sees a redesign while the interiors have been re-upholstered and painted with a beige dominant theme to make for a modicum of plushness.

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MKraft’s Body Kitted Maruti Gypsy

MKraft Maruti Suzuki Gypsy 6

Mumbai based car customization outfit MKraft makes body kits for the Gypsy. Here is one such kitted out Gypsy that looks quite different from the run of the mill versions of this off roader. The body kit equipped Gypsy features a completely revised front fascia. Larger fenders and a matt grey paint job give the off roader a menacing appearance while the rear gets orange roll over bars to make for visual contrast. The orange theme extends to the bull bar at front and the side steps. On the inside, the Gypsy sees minimal modifications, with orange contrast finish for certain parts of the dashboard and a Momo steering wheel. The SUV rides on chunky Yokohama Geolandar mud terrain tyres, mounted on alloy wheels.

RJ Design’ Gypsy Custom

RJ Design's Maruti Gypsy 1

RJ Designs of Kerala has tastefully modified a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, keeping the off roader’s profile intact while adding certain bits that add character to the vehicle’s original design. A new hard top has been fabricated, making the Gypsy a twin seater. The rear of the SUV gets converted to a loading bed. Offset steel wheels and fatter mud terrain tyres are added while the snorkel and spotting lights highlight this off roaders cred. Auxiliary lamps up front and a roll bar at the rear complete the visual modifications on the outside. On the inside, the dashboard gains a faux carbon fiber finish while the steering is a smaller, sportier unit.

Motormind’s Gypsy Shudder Edition

Motormind's Gypsy Shudder 1

The Gypsy Shudder is another creation from Motormind, one which gives the iconic off roader tasteful tweaks. The orange paint job looks swell and does a great job contrasting against the black bits on this vehicle. Mud terrain tyres on alloy wheels and wider fenders give the Shudder edition of the Gypsy looks to go with the go-anywhere persona that this vehicle embodies. DRLs around the headlamps and on the roof are lighting additions. A new roof makes the Gypsy a two seater. Fiberglass additions to the rear makes the Shudder edition more of a urban cruiser than an off road oriented machine.

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