5 Tastefully Modified Maruti Suzuki Gypsy SUVs

Snapshot – If you’re out looking for a super reliable SUV that runs on petrol, your options are limited. At one end, you have the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, a tough-as-nails off roader that the Indian Army swears by. On the other, you have the likes of the Honda CR-V and on the very top of it all, the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG. For most folks though, the Gypsy is the option that can deliver spades of fun for little money. This SUV’s sheer longevity – it’s been around since 1985 – means that it isn’t difficult to find one in the pre-owned car market. Doing it up the way you want to adds to the allure of this off roader. Here are five such tastefully modified Maruti Suzuki Gypsys for inspiration.

The Mojave from AutoPsyche

AutoPsyche Mojave Maruti Gypsy 1

The Mojave from AutoPsyche, a custom house based in Delhi, is a custom built Maruti Gypsy with a host of modifications. This custom off roader gets both functional and visual upgrades. 15 inch alloy wheels shod with 31 inch off road tyres give the Mojave a mean stance. The body has been lifted by 2 inches to give this vehicle the tallness associated with true blue SUVs. The 1.3 liter petrol engine gets a ported head and other modifications to boost performance. On the inside, better upholstery and custom seats have been fitted.

Images courtesy AutoPsyche on Facebook

’88 Maruti Suzuki Gypsy to an Off Roader

Maruti Gypsy Narrow Track to Off Roader 1

The Maruti Gypsy from 1988 featured a 1 liter-4 cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine that it shared with the Maruti 1000 sedan. An avid off roader from Bangalore bought this car more than 20 years after it was made, through the pre-owned route for just 65,000 rupees. From there on, the Gypsy’s transformation from a daily run about to a dedicated off roader began. Apart from a matt grey paint job making for a mean look, this off roader has gone the full monty in terms of performance enhancements. The 1 liter engine has been swapped for the Baleno’s 1.6 liter petrol motor, giving this off roader a new dimension of performance. A 5 speed gearbox from the Gypsy King handles transmission duties. Other modifications include Winch bumper , Transfer case guard, a roll cage, fuel tank guard, bone shackles, chequered sheet door pads, rock sliders and a snorkel.

Via Team-BHP

High Performance Maruti Gypsy with 1.6 Liter Baleno Engine

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Wide Track with 1.6 Liter Baleno Engine

Off roading and speed don’t go hand in hand. In rallying though, it’s a new ballgame altogether. For years, the Maruti Gypsy has dominated rally circuits in India, especially in conditions where the route involves more than a sprinkling of off road conditions. Here’s a Gypsy with extensive performance modifications intended to make it accelerate very quickly. The key addition is the 1.6 liter petrol engine sourced from the Maruti Baleno sedan, mated to a five speed manual gearbox. Other modifications include a free flow exhaust tuned to deliver better low end performance, a K&N free flow air filter and a power steering. 31 x 10.5 R15 Maxxis Bravo AT tyres, 1.5 inch body lift, carbon fiber leaf spring suspension at the rear, winch bumper and rock sliders, rally seats, a momo steering wheel and a custom hard top round off the mod job.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Wide Track with 1.6 Liter Baleno Engine 1

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Maruti Gypsy Daily Runner on Diesel Power

Maruti Gypsy Diesel 3

The Maruti Gypsy is a gas guzzler. A four wheel drive mechanism, with a rear wheel drive layout as standard fare plus aerodynamics of a brick doesn’t really go well with fuel efficiency, does it? So, dieselizing a Gypsy makes it a perfect off roader as well as a great daily drive. Here’s one such modification from god’s own country. With mild exterior modifications and functional suspension upgrades, this Gypsy is powered by a Isuzu 1.8 liter diesel engine mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox, also sourced from Isuzu. A 2 inch body lift with a 1 inch shackle lift gives this custom off roader plenty of ground clearance. A custom soft top, wider alloy wheels and wider tyres are other additions.

Maruti Gypsy Diesel 1 Maruti Gypsy Diesel 2

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Maruti Gypsy King 1.3 Non-MPFI with Off Road Modifications

Maruti Gypsy King with Off Road Modifications 1

If you intend to cross a few streams on you off roader, buying one without an ECU will be a safer bet as more electricals means more chances of things going awry. The Gypsy King Wide Track model pictured here uses a 1.3 liter non-MPFI petrol motor. Not too powerful for sprint tiffs with modern day cars but enough pep to hold its own off the road. This Gypsy has been put on a diet of off road modifications. Changes include a spring perch over axle (SPOA), rear differential lock, crawler ratios, mud terrain tyres, roll cage, rear overhang chop, rock sliders and offroad bumpers, and shackle body lift and leaf-spring modifications.

Via Team-BHP