5 Tata Tiago accidents where everyone escaped alive, and owners are thankful!

The Tiago hatchback has brought considerable success to Tata Motors. While the Tiago is yet to become the best-seller in its segment, there’s no denying that it has been one of the most successful Tata cars of recent times. There’s surely no doubt that the Tiago is a pretty good value-for-money option. In this post, we take a look at some mishaps in which the crash-worthiness of the Tiago has been put to the ultimate test. All that mangled metal and claims of high safety that you see on this page are actually owner’s accounts, coming straight from those involved in unfortunate crashes.

Tata Tiago Accident #1


tata tiago accident images

The first incident here involves the Tiago XM of one Tan Veer Shaik of Bangalore. His Tiago XM was hit by a truck. The impact was so severe that the entire front-end of the car suffered an colossal damage. The impact of was of such high magnitude that even the pillars and some of the interior panels suffered damage. However, Shaik reports that all the occupants escaped almost unhurt with only some minor injuries to speak of.

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Tata Tiago Accident #2

tata tiago accident images

Here is yet another account of a Tiago being involved in a serious mishap. As can be seen in the images above, this Tiago XT has turned turtle and has been damaged badly. It seems like the car was hit by a heavy vehicle before it turned upside down due to the high impact. The car owner says- “Tata tiago solid build..  All passengers are safe… ”

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Tata Tiago Accident #3

tata tiago accident images

Here is yet another Tata Tiago accident where the car has turned turtle due to the heavy impact. Unfortunately, the occupants suffered some injuries, but an ambulance arrived just on time to give first-aid. Here is yet another example of how the Tiago saved lives of its occupants in an event of a serious crash.

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Tata Tiago Accident #4

tata tiago accident images

In this case, a Tiago was crushed between to trucks. As can be seen, the car has been totally crumpled. However, the occupants remained sheltered from the impact.

Tata Tiago Accident #5

tata tiago accident images

In this case, a Tiago went off the road, hit a cement pole, and fell into a ditch. While the body shell hasn’t suffered a heavy damage, the owner reports that the impact from the fall was severe enough. Rajeev Singh, the owner of the vehicle, goes on to say that he never thought highly of his car until it saved his life in this mishap.

So, as you can see, here are five real-life accounts of Tata Tigor accidents where the occupants have escaped alive. Such incidents go on to validate our belief that mainstream car manufacturers are slowly but surely putting more stress on offering a high level of protection to the occupants. Yes, the various active and safety features that these cars offer are definitely saving lives. What’s your viewpoint on these Tata Tiago accidents?

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