5 things that can be as dangerous as drunk driving

Snapshot – Driving while you’re drunk can kill you and others around you. Well, you know all about the perils of drunken driving, don’t you, especially after seeing Salman Khan face all that music. While drunken driving is one surefire way of getting behind the bars, there are five other things that can be as dangerous as drunk driving, to yourself and to others around you. Here’s the list.

Driving while texting

Driving while texting

Driving while texting kills and there have been cases of the younger lot being involved in very bad accidents just because they were too glued to their mobile phones.  Do not text while you drive. If driving on Indian roads isn’t challenging enough, multitasking with your mobile phone amplifies the danger level to dark red.

Driving with one headlamp fused

car with one headlamp off

How many times have you come close to an oncoming car assuming it to be a scooter or a motorcycle, only to swerwe out and avoid a head-on collision at the last moment? Well, most of us who’ve spent a few thousand kilometers on the roads would recognize this classic situation, of driving with one headlamp fused. Driving a car with one headlamp fused means that the oncoming traffic takes you to be a motorcycle or a scooter. That’s definitely not a good situation to put yourself in.

Keeping wing mirrors folded

Driving with ORVMs closed

Your wing mirrors may cost a few thousand rupees to replace. However, a life you mistakenly extinguish by pushing a fellow motorist off the road or side swiping is something that you’ll never come to terms with. Keeping wing mirrors folded just to avoid it being brushed by fellow motorists is a stupid thing to do. Don’t do it. Wing mirrors are your eyes to what’s happening around your car. You don’t want them closed while you’re driving.

Driving while drowsy

driving while sleepy

Alcohol causes fatigue, and numbing of the senses, which is why drunk driving is prohibited. A fatigued body and brain is literally like driving drunk. When you’re at the wheel, you have to be alert, for yourself, for your passengers and the other motorists around you. If you’re fatigued, pull over and get some sleep. If you continue driving, you’re essentially a time bomb ticking away, a disaster in the making.

Jumping traffic signals

Traffic signal jumping accident

Jumping a traffic signal is a surefire way to end up in a body bag. In India, the traffic signal is a place where everyone is trying to out accelerate each other as soon as the lights go green. In such circumstances, jumping a red light is next only to standing in front of a freight train. Jumping a signal could kill, and get you killed. Don’t do it. The signal is there for a reason. Red means stop, yellow means slow down to a crawl and green means proceed with caution.


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