5 things that car nuts NEVER do to their cars

5 things that car nuts NEVER do to their cars

Everyone loves fast cars and wants to make their car go faster. But here are a few things that will actually make your car slow rather than making it fast.

Bigger wheels & tyres

Mahindra XUV500 Modified

Yes they make look the part, but it’s not making your car go any faster. It’s simple science. The bigger the tyre, the more the friction. The more the friction the more the effort the car has to make to go faster. So just increasing tyre size without increasing your car’s power will make it relatively slower and less fuel efficient.

Also if you have a powerful car and you opt for cheap tyres, you are going to get a lot of wheel spin which isn’t going to make your car go fast either.


Big spoilers

body kit 2

A spoiler, if well designed is used to increase the downforce at the rear and make the car handle well. However they do increase the amount of drag which will inturn make your car slower. So it may make your car look better, but it won’t exactly make it faster.

big spoiler

Unwanted weight

city overweight

The first step to make any car faster is to reduce weight. For the same output, if you reduce the weight, the engine will have a lesser load to propel which will make your car faster. Putting a roof rail when not required, putting excessive accessories will definitely add up. You need to remember that there is a reason companies spend a lot of money to reduce even a few grams of weight from your car.

Badly designed exhaust


Having a free flow exhaust may make your car sound all good, but it won’t necessarily make it any quicker, unless it has been designed specifically for that car. Every engine does need some amount of back pressure from the exhaust for it to perform well. This should be as less as possible, but it needs to be there nonetheless. Having an exhaust with no back pressure at all will make your engine suffer and you won’t be fast.

Badly designed body kits

body kit

Every company optimizes the car design after spending a lot of time in the wind tunnel to ensure best aerodynamics. Yes some tuners do design good body kits taking the aerodynamics of each car into consideration, but most of them don’t make their way here. So the body kits on sale here are mostly those which will make your car look all sporty, but most probably aren’t designed to improve the aerodynamics. This inturn won’t make your car go any faster.

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