5 Thrilling Turbo Petrol Hatchbacks Coming Your Way in 2015

Snapshot – Turbo petrol power will soon get a big fillip in India’s mass market car categories, what with a slew of turbocharged petrol powered hatchbacks all set to get launched here over the next 8-9 months. Turbocharging has given petrol powered hatchbacks a brand new dimension in terms of performance and fuel efficiency, allowing them to hold a candle to diesels when it comes to low down torque while retaining the traditional rev happy nature and refinement of petrol power. Today, we’ll round up five such upcoming turbocharged petrol powered hatchbacks that will vie for the Indian car buyer’s attention in 2015.

Fiat Punto EVO T-Jet

5 Thrilling Turbo Petrol Hatchbacks Coming Your Way in 2015

The Fiat Punto EVO could soon be the king of the hill as far as the high performance, hot hatchback segment in India is concerned, for a powerful 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol motor will power this car. Touted to make 133 Bhp-207 Nm, the engine promises to make the Punto EVO T-Jet not only the fastest car in its segment, but also the most powerful in terms of power and torque. Even if Fiat chooses to plonk in the T-Jet engine in the same state of tune as that of the Linea sedan, the car is bound to be a big draw for driving enthusiasts in the country, for the ride and handling package that the Fiat hatchback brings to the table is nothing short of exemplary. Bring it on, Fiat.

Tata Bolt Sport

5 Thrilling Turbo Petrol Hatchbacks Coming Your Way in 2015

Tata Motors is doing everything it can to turn around its image in India, from that of a car maker fit for making taxis, to one that can actually compete with global automaking giants for the family car buyer’s pocket. The Bolt Sport will be a high performance offering that aims to aid Tata Motors in its image revamp exercise, by endowing the car with sporty performance. The car will also be the most powerful hatchback that Tata Motors has ever built in the country, with 120 Bhp-170 Nm outputs from the 1.2 liter REVOTRON turbocharged petrol engine. A close ratio gearbox and stiffer suspension will be the other major mechanical changes on the car. A body kit will make the Bolt Sport look the part. A launch later this year is on the cards.

Fiat Avventura T-Jet

5 Thrilling Turbo Petrol Hatchbacks Coming Your Way in 2015

The Avventura is a jacked up pseudo crossover that is based on the Punto EVO. The Avventura shares its mechanicals with the Punto EVO, which also means that the T-Jet turbocharged petrol motor is also highly likely to find use in the former. With the addition of the turbocharged petrol motor, ostensibly in the same state of tune as it would be on the Punto EVO, the Avventura T-Jet will become the most powerful hatchback based crossover in its segment. Naturally, pricing could see a bump up considering that Fiat may slap Abarth badges on the powerful, new variant of the crossover.

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Maruti Suzuki YRA

5 Thrilling Turbo Petrol Hatchbacks Coming Your Way in 2015

The Maruti Suzuki YRA premium B+ segment hatchback will be the first car from the automaker to feature a turbocharged petrol engine. Built to take on the likes of the Honda Jazz and the Hyundai i20 Elite, the car will use a 21 liter-3 cylinder petrol engine that is turbocharged and that features direct injection. The YRA code-named car has already been showcased as the iK-2 concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. However, power and torque figures of this engine haven’t been revealed yet. However, expect this motor to push out more than 80 horses while the torque rating could be the in the whereabouts of about 140 Nm. The car will be Maruti Suzuki’s push into the premium hatchback territory, shielding the Swift from the i20 Elite’s onslaught.

Fiat Abarth 500 Competizione

5 Thrilling Turbo Petrol Hatchbacks Coming Your Way in 2015

The Fiat Abarth 500 Competizione is already late to the party. The hot hatchback, dubbed to be the first Abarth badged car in India, was supposed to hit the market earlier this year. The surprise exit of Fiat India’s Managing Director, Nagesh Basavanahalli, and the resultant churn at the top, is said to be the reason for the Italian automaker postponing the launch of its flagship car. This delay has seen the Mini Cooper S being slipped in, and the Abarth 500 Competizione does need to make an India entry soon. The car will use a 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol engine with 158 Bhp-230 Nm outputs and a 5 speed automated manual transmission that drives the front wheels. Good for two adults at best, the car will be imported as a completely built unit. A price tag close to the 30 lakh rupee mark is envisaged.

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