5 times overtaking went wrong, seriously WRONG [Video]

Here are 5 videos that show how overtaking without proper planning can prove to be dangerous. These videos show various incidents involving motorcycles and cars in hairy situations due to improper overtaking manoeuvres. Some of these moves even led to big accidents.

Close shave on a hilly road

Seen in the above video is a Royal Enfield Classic 350 that is trying to overtake a last-gen Honda City on a hilly road. The initial few seconds show the RE trying to find an opportunity to overtake the City. Finally, the road opens up a little and the motorcyclist starts the overtaking procedure. Mid-way, however, he realizes that there is a JCB parked on the road. He barely manages to avoid contact with the parked JCB. The video goes on to show the risks involved when overtaking in blind corners. This situation could have proved fatal in case there was an oncoming vehicle at a high speed.

Overtaking on a water-logged street gone wrong

This video involves a two-wheeler, an Etios, and a Tata 407 truck. The video shows the two-wheeler being overtaken by the Etios. Both the vehicles have sufficient gap between them and none of them seems to be going too fast. Suddenly, a Tata 407 that is doing faster speeds decides to overtake the Etios. As the street is water-logged, the 407’s drive ends up losing control and hitting the divider. The truck is completely out of control within the next couple of seconds and hits the Etios before coming to a halt. The video clearly shows the danger of driving too fast on a water-logged street. Luckily, the scooter wasn’t hit by any of the two vehicles, primarily because of the sufficient distance it had maintained from the car.

Horrific accident while overtaking lorry

Seen here is a horrific accident that involves a Maruti Alto and a couple of lorries. The Alto tries to take a right-turn immediately after overtaking a truck. However, in doing so, the Alto comes right in front of the truck and gets in contact with its front-left edge. To save the Alto, the trucker seems to have steered towards the right but the Alto had skidded right in front of the truck by then. To make matters worse, the Alto and the truck get on to the opposite road and an on oncoming truck hits the Alto. So, basically, the Alto ends up being sandwiched between the two trucks. The video goes on to show how such risky driving can have such bad consequences. Ideally, the Alto should have stayed behind the truck as it had to take an immediate right turn. If nothing else, it should have at least not come in the truck’s path soon after it barely managed to overtake it.

Getz hits Dominar during improper overtaking attempt

Here is a video that shows a Dominar bearing the brunt of an incorrect overtaking attempt by a Getz driver. The video starts with a Dominar that is being ridden on a dual carriageway. Soon, there’s a Getz that tries to overtake the Bajaj motorcycle from the wrong lane. His attempt fails due to an oncoming bus. The Getz tries again and gets into the wrong lane to overtake the Dominar. However, there’s another oncoming bus. Instead of slowing down, the Getz’s driver mindlessly steers to his left to avoid collision with the bus. He hits the Dominar and all of it results in a bad crash. This video goes on to highlight the risks involved in such mindless overtaking procedures. While the Getz manages to avoid contact with the oncoming traffic, the Dominar rider suffers for no fault of his. Sad!

Royal Enfield almost crashes into oncoming truck

Here’s another video of an overtaking procedure gone wrong due to high speed and improper planning. Another reason for this hairy situation is the truck that was being driven on the wrong side of the road. The video shows a motorcycle that is doing decent speeds on an expressway. The motorcycle overtakes a Xylo from the left lane and prepares to overtake a truck from the right-most lane. Soon after the overtaking process is initiated, the rider realizes that there’s an oncoming truck speeding towards him. He just about manages to avoid contact. Scary!

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