5 totally WILD things people have done with supercars in India!

For mere mortals like us, supercars are music to the eyes. In fact, they are designed for their unparalleled performance, striking design, and huge street presence. Even spotting a supercar on street ultimately makes it a day for many people. However, there are a few crazy ways in which these cars have been used. Here are five examples in which these glorious machines were found doing the unexpected.

Using a supercar as Uber taxi

Yeah, you read that right. This video shows how a last-gen Audi R8 was used as Uber cab. And as expected, the people who booked the cab were thrilled to their bones. To let you know, this was actually part of a prank in which the R8 was registered as a Maruti Dzire on the Uber cab platform. The guy driving the car talked to the person who booked the cab on phone and then reached the pickup spot. Then they were taken for a joyride up till their destination. you really can see the happiness on the faces of the unsuspecting ride goers. And why not, it’s not daily that you get picked up by a supercar upon booking a Dzire cab.

Driving on really bad roads/off-road conditions

Supercars naturally have very low ground clearance, which is to make them more aerodynamic and stable. That, however, can be a bane on Indian roads many times which are infamous for their bad condition. This video above shows exactly why getting a supercar through a bad patch of road can be disastrous. The owner of this Lamborghini Huracan probably forgot to plan his journey beforehand, resulting in the car being stuck. You can see how this utterly gorgeous supercar is struggling to drive through a totally broken patch of tarmac.

Dealing with speed breakers

With the poor design and implementation of speed breakers on our roads, even many regular sedan find it tough to pass without kissing the raised piece of tarmac. The Honda Civic is a good example of the same. In the video we see the brutally powerful Bugatti Veyron getting powerless to the speed breakers on the road. The low ground clearance worsens the matters even more and the car nearly scratches its underbelly while crossing them. It’s said that this incident was recorded while a prospective customer was taking a ride in a demo car.

Drifting on public roads

You might have watched the famous Flick, Fast & Furious-Tokyo Drift and would have been fascinated by all the drift/skid scenes in it. Well some guy probably took that seriously and in the video above, he can be seen doing the same on a public road. The Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 is seen taken a turn and then launching into a powerslide on a public road in Bangalore. While the road isn’t really congested, you can see that it’s not completely devoid of any traffic either. Though it looks cool, it is advisable to refrain from such antics. They only look good and easy in movies as all the scenes are done in a controlled environment with the assistance of specialized people.

‘Home delivered’ like a pizza!

Sometimes, we feel blessed to have home delivery services on tap. Want food, here at your doorstep. The last thing however one would expect is the home delivery of a supercar, that too in full wrapped up pizza style. This spanking new Lamborghini Huracan Performante was wrapped up, loaded on a flatbed truck and delivered to the doorstep of its owner! Amazing ain’t it. but well, if you have the money of sorts to get such a car, it may not come as a surprise. But for us commoners, it definitely is good to see such big auto companies taking the pain to do all this, all in the name of customer satisfaction. As you can see in the video, the new car has a couple of covers on it to protect the high quality paintwork from getting scratched during the delivery process.