5 types of people who should buy diesel cars instead of petrols

It would seem that everything is stacked up against diesel engines, from environmentalists and governments to car makers themselves. Yet, diesel powered cars continue to be quite popular among buyers for a variety of reasons. Here are 5 types of people for whom a diesel car would be a much better choice than a petrol powered one.

Those who drive a lot

Toyota Innova Crysta Touring Sport 1

For those who drive a lot, fuel cost is a major concern. Diesel engines are much more efficient than equivalent petrol engines. For instance, a petrol powered Dzire delivers about 22 Kmpl while the diesel manages 28 Kmpl. And in India, diesel is significantly cheaper than petrol.

Together, these factors come together to make the running cost of diesel much lesser than that of petrol. While diesel engined cars are costlier than petrols, people who drive over 2,000 Kms a month can recoup the higher initial price paid through running cost savings. And eventually, lower running costs tilt the balance towards diesels.

Love low end torque


Petrols generally have weak low-end torque, making them cumbersome to drive in city traffic. Diesels, on the other hand, have plenty of torque, and this means fewer gear changes and a more comfortable drive. Many diesels also have explosive torque available in the mid range, and this makes highway driving fun.

Overtaking is much more easier and the torque surge makes driving in varied conditions much more convenient as the diesel engine doesn’t need to be revved as hard as a petrol. Also, for enthusiasts on a budget, the diesel car is much more fun than a petrol due to the sheer torque that modern turbo diesels make.



If you’re an explorer in a car, a diesel is a much better option for you than a petrol. Adulterated petrol is often an issue in remote parts of India. However, chances of getting adulterated diesel is much lesser, making diesel cars the ideal choice of people who have to drive to remote places. Also, the availability of diesel is much better than petrol as the former is also used by commercial vehicles.

Off roaders

Mahindra Thar Modified by Backyard Customs 14


If you’re an off roader, you’ll know that there’s only a single affordable petrol 4X4 in India – the Maruti Gypsy. And even this off roader will soon be discontinued. The Gypsy’s petrol engine makes it unsuitable for longer distance driving, and even off the road, the SUV needs to be revved hard to negotiate many obstacles as it has poor low end torque.

On the other hand, there are plenty of affordable 4×4 diesels in India, which is why they’re preferred by most off roaders. From the Mahindra Thar and Tata Safari Storme to the Scorpio and Force Gurkha, there are more than a few affordable diesel 4X4 for the off roader to pick and choose from. Also, these vehicles have good low end torque, making them ideal for off roading.

Those who seek longevity


The diesel engine, on an average, lasts much more longer than one running on petrol. While a petrol would show significant engine wear at about 3 lakh kms, diesels happily chug past the 5 lakh km mark.  This additional longevity matters to those who use their vehicles extensively, and clock large monthly/yearly distances. Also, diesel engines are stronger built, and diesel has better lubricating properties than petrol, making it more suited for heavy duty applications.