5 types of people who should NOT modify their cars

5 types of people who should NOT modify their cars

Some modifications are illegal, others are not. But modifications as a whole are not for everybody. Today, we’ll take a look at 5 types of people who should NOT modify their cars.

Chevrolet Cruze Custom 1



You want to retain factory/extended warranty

Extended Warranty

If you plan to retain the factory warranty that your car comes with, stay clear of unauthorised modifications. These modifications can include something as simple as an after market stereo install to major engine modifications that make the car go faster. People who opt for extended warranties must be particularly cautious as they tend to own cars for longer, and the temptation to go in for modifications increases as the car ages. Many dealers look for the flimsiest excuses to deny warranty on a modified car. Being on your guard is highly advisable.

You love factory reliability

Toyota Corolla Altis

Some people change cars once in a couple of years while others prefer sticking to their rides for up to a decade, or even more. If you’re one among the latter set, avoid modifying your car, especially for performance. Most performance modifications push a car beyond the design limits it was originally designed for. Such modifications, be it a remap or even an aftermarket free flow exhaust, can cause serious reliability issues in the long run. So, if you don’t want to compromise factory reliability of your car, avoid performance modifications.

You’re a highway star

Swift on the cloudy highway

Manufacturers design cars to operate in varied terrains, in varied weather conditions and with different fuel qualities. Long distance driving in India often means that you may not have access to best quality fuels. A car modified for performance is particularly susceptible to fuel quality changes. Why, poor quality fuel can even damage a high performance engine even though a stock engine would’ve gotten by just fine. For instance, if you have a Skoda Laura TSi modified to output 250 Bhp, 97 octane fuel could be its staple diet. Finding 97 octane fuel is hard outside the bigger cities of India. Poor quality or low octane petrol can destroy such a modified car.

You have little time for extra maintenance

Car Maintenance Costs

A modified car means extra maintenance. For instance, turbocharging a naturally aspirated car could mean shorter oil change intervals, or in other words, more trips to the service center. Don’t have the time for the additional maintenance? Don’t modify your car. Here’s one more example. If you have a car that has wider wheels but stock fenders, it’ll throw up more muck onto the car’s sides during the monsoons. This means frequent detailing jobs to keep the paint looking fresh and new. To sum it up, a modified car generally means more maintenance.

You love resale value/change cars often

Maruti Suzuki Swift

If you change cars often, buying one that delivers a high resale value is your best bet. That generally means a Maruti or a Hyundai, or a Honda or Toyota. Now, the kind of people who will want to buy pre-owned Maruti/Hyundai/Toyota/Honda cars are those who want hassle-free cars. Modified cars don’t exactly fit the term hassle-free. Naturally, resale value for modified cars dips. So if you change cars often, avoid modifying your car. It’s that much more harder to sell when modified as buyers may not share the same thoughts/taste as you regarding modifications.