5 videos of gorgeously modified classic Indian cars: Maruti Zen Classic to Hindustan Contessa

We have been pretty regular with featuring some tastefully modified cars on our website. However, the cars you see below are not your typical custom jobs. These cars are based on some of the modern-day classics of our car market. As you would have guessed, our list here includes some tastefully modified Hindustan Ambassador and Contessa cars. However, it also has a couple of Maruti Zens and a Skoda Octavia Combi. Let’s have a look at all the resto-modded examples-

Maruti Zen Classic

Here is a modified Maruti Zen Classic from Kerala. This well-maintained and slightly modified Zen Classic has been called the ‘perfect’ Maruti Zen Classic. The Classic was basically a limited edition model of the Zen and featured round headlamps along with a new grille with plenty of chrome. While the Zen Classic didn’t get a very positive response from the car buyers, it looks like the owner of the Zen Classic you see in the above video loves his car a lot. He has given his well-maintained hatchback custom LED fog lamps and a set of deep dish alloy wheels. The custom rims have been shod with wide low profile rubber. The new wheels and tires give this car a very sporty stance.

Skoda Octavia Combi

The Combi is basically a station-wagon variant of the first Skoda Octavia for India. In essence, it’s a more spacious and more practical version of the Octavia. Done up by J Garage, this Octavia Combi is a ‘sleeper’ – anyone with an untrained eye won’t be able to make out the higher performance this station wagon has on offer. Powering the Combi is a 1.8-litre turbocharged engine that has been given the ARP Hybrid K03 turbo upgrade. The motor also gets a stage-3 ECU remap. Also, the car benefits from a Milltek Exhaust system and a Forge Motorsports intercooler. Other performance modifications that the car carries include 18″ BBS rims, KW suspension upgrade, Thule roof-box, and a Nardo grey paint scheme.

Hindustan Ambassador

While we have already seen many tastefully modified Hindustan Ambassador cars in the recent times, this well-restored Amby from Kerala caught our eye earlier today. Basically, it’s a slightly modified 1994 Hindustan Ambassador that has been given a host of updates to enhance the car’s visual appeal. Up front, it gets a new bumper and a new grille that give it a Morris Oxford-like look. Adding a modern element to the front are the custom LED headlamps. The car also sports a pair of rearview mirrors on the front fenders. It also gets another set of custom ORVMs that are mounted on the door. Another highlight of the side profile is the set of multi-spoke alloy wheels that are shod with wider tires. The rear gets a set of custom taillamps. The car has been given a high gloss black finish.

Hindustan Contessa

Here is a modified Hindustan Contessa that has been modified by Hotwheels!. This car was showcased at the last Auto Expo and has been named as the ‘Insignia’. The front-end features custom headlamps, a new grille, and a new bumper. All of it gives this Conti a very retro look that reminds us of some American muscle cars. In the side profile, the car remains largely the same. The only new bit here are the classy multi-spoke alloy wheels and the flame graphics. The rear-end has a huge spoiler, custom taillamps, and a ’50 Hot Wheels The Original Stunt Brand’ sticker. The interior gets a steering that has a chain design while the gear knob is a ‘skull head’. The cabin gets a red and black theme.

Maruti Zen

The last car on our list today is this modified three-door Maruti Zen. Even this Zen is from Kerala. It carries many updates that make it much hotter than the regular variant. It gets a black-blue paint scheme with large Monster Energy decals. The front-end gets custom lights. At the front, it gets the stock wheels. At the rear, however, it comes with bigger wheels that are shod with wide low-profile rubber. This gives the Zen Steel a very sporty stance. The interior too has been suitably modified and gets sports seats at the front. Based on the Zen Steel, this three-door modified Zen also carries various modifications on the inside. You get performance gauges and racing seats. The car is powered by a 1.6-litre, naturally-aspirated engine that gets a port and polished head. It also gets a Race Dynamics ECU upgrade and Iridium spark plugs. Other performance mods include a K&N Intake System, Raj Hingorani Exhaust System, and an Exedy clutch upgrade. Other than all this, the car gets custom front strut bars and Tarox G88 Rotors with Brembo Pads.

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