5 ‘WANNABE’ cars – Maruti Brezza Evoque to Endeavour Mustang

The Indian custom car scene is an ever-evolving one. However, just like in every other place on the planet, there are a few people who like to cut corners with results that would make even Frankenstein’s monster run off in horror. And then there are the wannabes, who think that by tweaking a few sections of their cars or adding a small part will make their regular rides into cars they’ve always dreamed about. So let’s look at five of these wannabe cars that try – ever so slightly – to be something they’re not.

The Pony SUV

ford endeavour mustang grille

The Ford Mustang, also known as the Pony car, is what made muscle cars an everyday icon in every home in America. Meanwhile, the Ford Endeavour is the flagship SUV in the American carmaker’s range for India, but its 3.2-litre five-cylinder diesel engine is no rumbly V8. Add in the massive size difference between the Endeavour and the iconic muscle car, and that blacked out honeycomb grille with a red Mustang badge is fooling no one.

BMW Aria

tata aria bmw x5

This is a botch job plain and simple. The Tata Aria was not an ugly car by any means but its owner’s obsession with the BMW X5 has resulted in what is by no means a good looking car. Those pseudo-kidney grilles on the Aria’s curved bonnet just look wrong. The front bumper has been ‘updated’ as well. The only BMW thing about this Franken-Aria are the X5 badges that have been put on it.

BMW Accent

hyundai accent bmw e46 m3 front end

This is a much better attempt at aping a BMW than the Aria thanks to the fact that the nose has been modified so that it looks like the one on an E46 M3. While the customiser has done a good job, you don’t need Sherlock Holmes and his smoking pipe to figure out that this is an imposter. That gold paint job doesn’t help either.

The Jeeprezza

brezza with jeep grille

This fairly standard Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza compact SUV has just one major change that you can notice only when you see this car in your rear view mirror or while coming down the opposite side of the road at city speeds. The owner has replaced the Brezza’s front grille bearing the Suzuki badge with the iconic 7 vertical slat grille found on the nose of every Jeep SUV. While it doesn’t change the overall look of the Brezza, the Jeep grille does look a whole lot better than the original Maruti part.

Maruti Evoque

vitara brezza with evoque grille and custom wheels

This version of a modified Vitara Brezza is a slightly better attempt than the previous attempt as the front grille is not the only thing that has changed in the boxy SUV. The grille looks like it came off an Evoque with the obligatory green Land Rover badge and the wheels wouldn’t look out of place on the smallest Range Rover. While the changes are not enough to fool anyone into thinking that this is one of the SUVs from the iconic British brand, they do liven up the look of the Vitara Brezza.

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