5 WANNABE Royal Enfield motorcycles: Splendor to Classic, Pulsar to Himalayan & more

Royal Enfields are easily among the most aspirational and even the most revered motorcycles for some. These motorcycles, which have remained largely the same in all these years, enjoy a huge fan following. However, thanks to their high price tags, not many can afford them. Hence, people often resort to modifying their motorcycles to look like Royal Enfield models. Here are 5 such wannabe Royal Enfield motorcycles of India –

Hero CD100 SS to Royal Enfield Classic

Yes, the motorcycle you see above is actually the rather puny and bare-basic Hero CD100 SS that has been given a Royal Enfield Classic-like styling. Of course, the motorcycle doesn’t look exactly like the Classic, but at a quick glance, anyone would be hard-pressed to realize it’s actually a CD100SS underneath that RE Classic-like clothing. This motorcycle retains most of its original panels but bits like a wine red paint job, round headlamp, new handlebar, new tail lamp and a stepped Classic-like seat play an important role in giving this motorcycle an RE-like appearance.

Bajaj Boxer to Royal Enfield Machismo

Here is another bargain-basement commuter motorcycle that has been made to look like a Royal Enfield. This RE-lookalike is based on a Bajaj Boxer, which is among the cheapest commuter motorcycles you can buy in the country. This motorcycle tries to look like a Royal Enfield Machismo. It gets a similar chrome-black paint scheme and even borrows some panels from the RE. To the unsuspecting road users, this motorcycle can easily pass off for a Royal Enfield Machismo at the first glance.

Royal Indian Bullet 100

Here is another replica of a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Akin to the other two motorcycles above, even this motorcycle is powered by a near 100cc engine. The price of this motorcycle has been kept at Rs 70,000. The motorcycle looks a lot like a regular Royal Enfield. It gets a similar seat design, battery cover and toolbox cover. The rear fender and tail lamp look similar to the ones on the original Bullet. Even the exhaust looks a lot like many aftermarket exhausts for the Bullet. The chain cover, engine structure, and a different single-pod instrument cluster are some tell-tale signs of this motorcycle not being an original Bullet.

Bajaj Pulsar to Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Bajaj Pulsar is one motorcycle that enjoys a huge fan following. However, this hasn’t kept the owner of this Bajaj Pulsar 150 from modifying his motorcycle into a Himalayan replica. Akin to the mighty Royal Enfield Himalayan, this Bajaj Pulsar 150 gets a round headlamp with a tall visor, It also gets long travel front forks, spoke wheels, and enhanced luggage carrying capacity. While it’s true that this Bajaj Pulsar 150 doesn’t look exactly like the Himalayan, the customizer has been pretty successful with capturing the essence of the Royal Enfield Himalayan with a similar paint scheme and many similar styling elements. Overall, we are happy with the way this motorcycle looks different from a regular Bajaj Pulsar 150.

Jawa to Royal Enfield 150

The final motorcycle on our list here is actually an old Jawa that has been modified into a Royal Enfield Bullet. While this Jawa doesn’t look exactly like a Bullet, we are happy that the old-age motorcycle has got a new lease of life through the Royal Enfield clothing it has received. It carries a similar paintwork and even similar badges. The battery box cover and the toolbox cover come from a Royal Enfield while the original headlamp and instrumentation have been retained along with many other bits. Moreover, thanks to the fact that both Jawa and Royal Enfield have an old-school design, the customizers of this motorcycle have been pretty successful in giving this Jawa a Royal Enfield Bullet-like appearance.

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