5 ways to transform a Maruti Vitara Brezza

The Vitara Brezza marked Maruti’s entry into the compact SUV stage. This also happens to be the first Maruti which had an Indian as the chief engineer behind the project. The Brezza on its own is pretty striking to look at. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be spruced up. Here are ways to spruce up the Brezza.

Visual appeal

brezza 7

Like we mentioned above, the Vitara Brezza is already a good looking vehicle in itself. But there are possibilities to upgrade that. There are body kits for the Brezza as well as the option of having different types of grills. These are available in the aftermarket industry though.

One owner has opted for to go for plastic cladding all over his Brezza which gives it a more rugged appeal. Larger wheels and different styled grills are other options we came across. Just blacking out the chrome elements itself makes the Brezza look a lot nicer.

brezza 8  brezza 1

brezza 2

Maruti has the option of customizing the Brezza as well and you can opt for body graphics from the company as an accessory.

Road trip ready

brezza 10

Since the Brezza is a compact SUV, owners will surely put the vehicle through its paces on road trips. For added practicality, there are certain mods that can be done to make your vehicle road trip ready as well as make the vehicle look more aggressive.

One thing that can be done is to opt for a roof box for added storage. This will certainly make the car look unique. The other thing is to opt for larger and beefier tyres that will give the vehicle more grip while on road trips. Auxiliary lamps can be added either on the roof or in the front for added visibility on road trips.

*Image is a render courtesy:  IAB

Wind in the hair

brezza 3

No compact SUV currently has the option of a sun roof in the country. Yes, most might find it is an unnecessary feature since our weather conditions aren’t very favorable towards using them.

brezza 4

However there are a few people who would still love to have the wind in the hair feeling when they can. For those, there is an aftermarket option of fitting a sun roof on the Brezza. Webasto makes the sunroof for the Brezza and prices range from Rs 22,000 to Rs 1.75 lakhs depending upon the model you want.


brezza 5

Having more comfortable interiors is something that always reduces the tiredness of daily commute. There are many options to make your interiors more comfortable. You can opt for aftermarket leather seats which have custom bolstering.

brezza 9

Maruti themselves offer custom seat covers if you want the originality of the car to be maintained. You can also opt for other accessories to improve your ICE like larger speakers, woofers, amplifiers.

Power punch

brezza 6

The Vitara Brezza is powered by the 1.3 liter engine taken from Fiat. It makes 89 Bhp and 200 Nm. This engine has a VGT. Tuning houses make remaps for this engine since it is the same one on the Punto 90 HP and was previously present on the SX4 as well.

Pete’s has a remap that will make the output increase to 115 Bhp and 255 Nm which is a good jump. So that means a 26 Bhp and 55 Nm increase which will really make the Brezza more fun to drive.

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