5 well maintained used Diesel Bullets for SALE: 60 Kmpl+ MILEAGE!

The oldest two-wheeler brand in the world, Royal Enfield is currently the best-selling brand in the Indian market. All through the years, Royal Enfield has launched quite a few interesting two-wheelers including the likes of Mofa, Fury and more such iterations. Royal Enfield also launched a diesel-powered Bullet, which was on sale for a few years and was discontinued in 2000. Christened as the Taurus, it was the only mass-produced diesel motorcycle that was available in the market. Well, the Taurus was the king when it came to fuel efficiency but it is quite difficult to maintain a bulky diesel bike for daily use. However, if you want to do the job of taking care of a Royal Enfield diesel Bullet, here are five rare examples, which are currently on sale in the market.

1997 Royal Enfield Taurus

Asking price: Rs 54,000

Bullet 1

This is a 1997 model of the Royal Enfield Taurus, which is up for sale in Tohana, Haryana. The bike has done a total fo 54,000 km and it in the classy black shade. The bike is currently on sale for only 54,000 and it is completely in stock condition. The bike also looks well-maintained and well-kept from the pictures shared in the ad. If you’re interested in this bike, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.

1980 Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel

Asking price: Rs 67,000

Bullet 2

This is a 1980 model of the Royal Enfield Taurus, which for sale in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. The bike seen here looks like repainted and recently restored. It does not have any logo on the fuel tank too. However, the ad mentions that bike is in perfect working condition and even the engine of the bike is in a great condition. It is also registered in Tamil Nadu state. If you’re interested in the bike, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.

1975 Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel

Asking price: Rs 75,000

Bullet 3

This is again a Tamil Nadu located and registered Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel. The bike seen here gets a customised bright green colour that looks great on it. Its current owner has also stencilled the make year of the bike on the fuel tank. Overall, the bike looks like in great condition and the advertisement says that it has all the papers are in order too. If you are interested in the bike, you can contact the seller directly.

1999 Royal Enfield Tauras

Asking price: 95,000

Bullet 4

This is one of the newest models in the market, which is why the asking price is close to Rs 1 lakh. The Bullet diesel for sale here is in a brilliant olive green shade. The paint job looks immaculate since it got a new paint job recently. This has done a total of 50,000 km on the odometer. The ad also mentions that the bike is still owned by the first owner and insurance was re-issued after a new fitness test. You can get more details by contacting the owner of the bike.

1986 Royal Enfield Bullet diesel

Asking price: Rs 70,000

Bullet 5

This bike is located in Narukombu, Karnataka. This model has done a total distance of 80,000 km according to the odometer. It is finished in the desert brown colour and gets red highlights on the seats and the front suspension too. For more information, you can contact the seller directly.