5 wildest modified Maruti Omni vans from around India

Maruti Omni, the boxy looking van was once a very popular car on Indian roads. It was popular in both private and commercial segment. This iconic van was in production for almost 3 decades and during this time, the overall design of the van never changed. As the emission and safety norms in India became stricter, Maruti had to pull the plug on the production of Maruti Omni. There are still some well kept and modified examples of Maruti Omni available in different parts of India. It has a good fanbase and we have some Maruti Omni owners who have tastefully modified this van. Here we have 5 such wild looking modified Maruti Omni vans from different parts of India.

Off-road Omni (Gymni)

5 wildest modified Maruti Omni vans from around India

This was probably the first Maruti Omni van that started this trend of modified Omni in India. Or at least this was the one that went viral in internet. The modification on this Omni was done by Indi Garage and Holyshift. The Gymni is actually a combination of Gypsy and Omni. The van actually uses parts from Gypsy and that is how it gets the name. The whole van is finished in Nardo Grey shade and it comes with chunky looking off-road spec tyres and rims. This increases the overall height of the van and give it a unique look. This Omni gets rear differential from a Gypsy. The sliding door on this van have been sealed and it gets external roll cage, many auxiliary lamps, LED headlamps, metal bumper and so on.

Gangster Omni

5 wildest modified Maruti Omni vans from around India

This Omni was modified by Carbon Automotive. The headlamps on this van have been completely blacked out and they come with projector lamps in it. The front bumper is a custom made unit and the whole van in painted in Jet Black shade. The interior of this van gets a custom red shade and other modifications on this van include wider aftermarket alloy wheels and exhaust tip popping out from the side.

Lowrider Omni

5 wildest modified Maruti Omni vans from around India

This Omni is owned by Nikhil Kumar from Kerela. The car is called Project Stance van. The headlamps have been completely blacked out and instead of halogen, the car gets projector units with integrated LED DRLs. The stock bumper has been replaced with a custom made unit that droops down to a lip spoiler that almost touches the ground. One of the main attraction on this Omni are the custom made gullwing doors. The metal green shade on the van also looks extremely good.

Drift truck

This is probably the only van in the country to be converted into a truck. Omni is a perfect van for this concept as it is compact and is rear wheel drive. The owner has lowered the suspension, choppped off the rear cabin completely and reinforced it using metal bars and panels. The front bumper is actually a rear bumper from Nano. The van gets custom paint job and the wheels are aftermarket too.


Just like the drift truck, this is also probably India’s only Maruti Suzuki Omni van with a Lamborghini like scissor doors installed in it. The van is called Garuda as it resembles with eagle when the doors are open. Other than the doors, this Omni gets a blue paint job, LED turn indicators, modified front bumper, roof marker lamps and so on.

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