5 year-old kid drives off in dad’s SUV to buy a Lamborghini: BUSTED & given a Lamborghini ride instead [Video]

Growing up, many of us would have had at least one sportscar or supercar poster in our bedrooms. Many of us would also have dreamt of owning one when we grow up not realising how expensive these sportscars/supercars actually are. A 5 year old kid in United States also had similar dreams and went off to buy a Lamborghini. The child was in the news because as he drove off, alone, in his parent’s SUV to buy the Lamborghini.

The incident happened in Utah, and 5-year old Adrian Zamarripa is a huge fan of Lamborghini supercars. Adrian watches Lamborghini videos all day on the internet. Earlier in April, Adrian decided to buy a Lamborghini and sneaked out of his house to drive his dad’s SUV all the way to California, where he wanted to buy a Lamborghini with just 3 dollars in his pocket.

Adrian drove off in his parents SUV that was parked outside the house while his parents were not around. Adrian’s sister was supposed to look after him but she fell asleep and when she woke up, Adrian was missing.

The child was driving on the highway filled with cars and was changing lanes constantly. An alert Utah highway patrol trooper spotted this and followed the SUV expecting an impaired driver. But the officer were very surprised when he found out that the car was driven by a 5-year old. The officer helped the child put the car in park mode and switch off the vehicle before contacting his parents.

5 year-old kid drives off in dad’s SUV to buy a Lamborghini: BUSTED & given a Lamborghini ride instead [Video]

The news went viral and since then many supercar owners arounds the United States have been contacting Adrian’s family offering him a ride in their Lamborghini supercars. The family finally accepted the offer from Jeremy Neves, who owns a matte black Lamborghini Huracan. The child was very excited to see his dream car coming in front of his house to pick him up. Adrian can be heard asking owner of the Huracan to drive faster too.

Lamborghini is a Italian luxury sportscar manufacturer that also operates in India. Lamborghini sells supercars such as the Huracan, Aventador and Urus SUV. Even though what Adrian did is not acceptable because it’s so dangerous, the very fact that the 5 year old kid actually set off to chase his dream is inspirational in a sense. The report also says that a supercar rental company has approached the family offering Adrian a Lamborghini driving experience under proper supervision.

Via Fox 13 News Utah, Facebook

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