50 Copy cat cars from China

We have covered a few copycat cars from China over the past and thought we would find a few more that have been copied and do a montage of all of them. Here are a total of 50 copy cat cars that have come from China.

Ruili DoDa V8 vs Toyota Alphard

clone 2 clone 1

The Alphard is Toyota’s massive MPV that sits above the Innova Crysta. Since this is a very popular vehicle for those looking for rear seat comfort, it has a well established brand name.

This particular vehicle here, built by BAIC Ruili is the clone of the Alphard. It has an absurd name, DoDa. While the name has V8 in it, it doesn’t stand for a V8 engine, rather it is just a model name. It uses a 2.4 liter Mitsubishi engine on the other hand that produces 165 Bhp.

Yema B11 vs BMW i3

clone 3 clone 4

If the normal cars are being cloned, how can the iconic ones be left out? The i3 is a full electric hatchback from BMW, under their sub-brand i. Being a popular city car, Yema has come up with their iteration of the a city hatchback, which looks just like the i3, and they have called it the B11. This one is a powered by either an electric motor or a hybrid powertrain. While the i3 is very unique looking, this one just looks weird.

Dongfeng Jigni S50 vs Hyundai Verna

clone 6

Hyundai Verna

While this car does have a very large name, it is nothing more than the copy of the new Verna 4s that is on sale in India currently. Just take a look at the headlamp design, the overall profile and the rear end. While this one is larger than the Verna, it still looks like it that has been the inspiration for the S50.

Changan Lingxuan vs Toyota Innova Crysta

clone 7 clone 8

The Innova Crysta has gained a reputable name in the industry for being one of the best MPVs out there. It has  the best mix of everything now in the new avatar and you do pay a premium for it. In case you wanted something similar looking but didn’t want to pay as much, this is what you should be looking at. This copy is mainly down to the side profile that the Lingxuan has. Take one good look at it side on and you will know what we are talking about.

Jiangnan TT vs Maruti 800

clone 9Maruti 800

While Zoyte has been pretty well known for making clones of other vehicles, this one has actually been approved by Suzuki but the car has been given a Chinese touch. While the 800 has been discontinued in the Indian market, this one, the TT continues to be on sale in China as the cheapest car in China. It is powered by the same 800 cc engine making 36 Bhp and 60 Nm.

Victory S10 vs Cadillac Escalade

clone 10 clone 11

The Escalade is the ultimate baller vehicle. It is massive and with the large wheels, it can look intimidating. Americans love huge SUVs and this is the best example of the same. Since the vehicle is so popular, the Chinese, who clone most of the famous things, have come up with a clone for the Escalade as well, called the Victory S10. One look at it is enough to know why this is on the list. Unlike the huge engines which are on offer in the Cadillac, this one is powered by a small 2.0 liter engine making 116 Bhp.

JAC P241 vs Mercedes GL Class

clone 12

The GL is the flagship SUV from Mercedes. JAC has come up with their SUV, called the P241 which borrows its styling from the GL. They have incorporated the same headlamps and similarly styled DRLs on the front bumper. While the GL isn’t very popular in itself, it is surprising that it has gotten a clone.

Jonway A380 vs Suzuki Jimny

clone 13 clone 14

The Jimny is a very popular car in the international market. While we don’t get it just yet, we may soon get the next generation vehicle when it is introduced. Since it is a fun and iconic product for the company, it has gotten a clone, in the form of the Jonway A380. The front, and rear are very similar to look at where as there is a slight revision on the side profile.

Huanghai  Aurora vs Ssangyong Rexton

clone 16

The Rexton was the first and only Ssangyong product to go on sale in India post Mahindra having bought over the brand. While it isn’t a really good looking vehicle, Huanghai decided that they wanted their new SUV, the Aurora (Very Indian name, don’t you think) to look just like the Rexton, and voila, this is the result. Sadly, we aren’t a fan of either.

Huanghai CUV vs Hyundai Santa Fe

clone 17

Looks like the design team at Huanghai really doesn’t like to make new cars from scratch. They have also blatantly copied the styling of the previous generation of the Santa Fe to build the CUV and this is what the end result looks like.

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