Driving a 500 Bhp Mitsubishi Lancer on Mumbai roads [Video]

The Mitsubishi Lancer has a huge cult following since it was launched worldwide. It is also one of the most modified vehicles across the world because it has huge tuning potential. We have covered modified Lancers in the past but here is another one that has been very heavily modified.

The car belongs to Santosh J. Parab. The video has been uploaded on YouTube by Horsepower Cartel. In the video, we can see that the Lancer going ripping through the roads of Mumbai. The Lancer has been modified to become an Evo 4. It is running on Enkei wheels from the Evo 8. So, the owner is not interested in making changes to the wheels. However, he will be making some cosmetic upgrades to the car. He bought this car because it was already modified and he did not need to work on it.

There are a lot of mechanical upgrades being done to the Lancer here. The bonnet has been replaced with a carbon-kevlar one and it has holes from which the wastegate is coming out. The wastegate has been sourced from Turbosmart. The host says sometimes you can even see some flames coming out of the wastegate.

Driving a 500 Bhp Mitsubishi Lancer on Mumbai roads [Video]

The engine has been fully built. So, there are forged JE pistons and forged connecting rods from Eagle. The cams have also been taken from the Evo 8. The engine header has also been rebuilt to race spec. The stock turbocharger has been replaced by a GT35R ball bearing turbo. A COP ignition system has also been installed in the vehicle so that it becomes easier for the spark plugs to receive voltage. The stock ECU has been removed and Link ECU’s G4 has been installed. The Lancer is also running a custom map. The injectors have also been upgraded to 1,000 CC.

To handle the added power the brakes have also been upgraded. It is now using a big brake kit sourced from D2 Racing. At the front, there are 8 piston calipers while at the rear, there are 6 piston calipers. The suspension setup has also been upgraded. The Lancer now sits on coil overs sourced from Largus. There is also a boost controller installed along with a turbo timer from Apexi. It has an oil catch tank that has been custom made.

Driving a 500 Bhp Mitsubishi Lancer on Mumbai roads [Video]

Because so many upgrades were done to upgrade the power, it was important to also cool down the engine properly. So, a high capacity oil cooler and an intercooler from Apexi was used. The fuel pressure regulator was also upgraded to handle the increased load. The ignition system has been installed from B&M and coil on plug conversion has also been done. Then there are some other mods such as adjustable pulleys, fuel surge tank, 044 fuel pump and a new head gasket from Tomie.

The Lancer itself is finished in Blue and while cosmetically it might not look that attractive. According to the owner, the vehicle is very fast. There is a bit of turbo lag but then the pull from the engine is really strong. The blow-off valve is also very loud as we can listen to in the video.