Rs. 52 Crore numberplate on Rs. 25 Crore Bugatti Chiron

Having a fancy number plate is popular all over the world. Usually, we would see them on some high-end vehicles or luxury vehicles. Well, here we have the Bugatti Chiron which is already one of the most expensive vehicles that you can buy that has an even more expensive number plate installed on it. Yes, you read that right, the number plate itself is more expensive than the Bugatti Chiron!

The video has been uploaded by Mo Vlogs on his YouTube channel. The Bugatti Chiron that we saw in the video belongs to his friend. The supercar itself costs Rs. 25 Crores depending on the extra options and customizations opted by the owner. The number placed that is installed on the car itself is more expensive than the Chiron.

The registration number costs $7,000,000 that somewhere translates to around Rs.  52 Crores. The number plate costs more than twice when compared to the cost of the car. The number plate simply says ‘9’. So, it is rare and one of a kind.

Rs. 52 Crore numberplate on Rs. 25 Crore Bugatti Chiron

The video also explains why these types of number plates cost so much. The price of the registration plate depends on the size of the numbers it has. So, as we can see that this Bugatti Chiron only has a single digit on the number plate. That is why it costs so much. If you opt for a number plate that has more numbers on it then it will cost less.

The price of such special number plates keeps on increasing as time passes. There are many people who will invest in such number plates and will sell them in the future for huge profits. In most cases, there are special auctions organized in which these number plates are sold. Due to this also the price of the number plate rises.

Rs. 52 Crore numberplate on Rs. 25 Crore Bugatti Chiron
Mr. Kahn’s Bugatti Veyron

The number plate here might cost Rs. 52 Crores but there are even more expensive number plates in the world. A number plate that said ‘F1’ was on sale for a whopping Rs. 132 Crores. His owner was Mr. Afzal Kahn who is the owner of Kahn Design. The number plate was used for his Bugatti Chiron. He himself bought the ‘F1’ number plate for Rs. 10.52 Crores.

An Indian named Balvinder Singh bought registration plates for his Rolls Royce. He spent Rs. 67 Crores on the registration plate alone which is a lot more money than his Rolls Royce. The number plate spelt ‘D5’. Another number plate that simply had ‘1’ on it was sold for Rs. 66 Crores in 2008. There are many such number plates all over the world that can be bought.

Rs. 52 Crore numberplate on Rs. 25 Crore Bugatti Chiron

Now, speaking of the mighty Bugatti Chiron itself. The version that we see in the video is Chiron Sport. It was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. As the name suggests the Chiron Sport is a sportier version of the Chiron. It is around 18 kgs lighter than the standard Chiron. It also has a torque-vectoring differential on the rear axle to carve out corners more easily. It also has a stiffer suspension setup to handle it better. Bugatti has also updated the aero on the Sport.